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1LY9A2020LYSO LP ALL (C)2,303,3201,62071235.9 
2KU1CW2020W7SO LP ALL (C)2,116,8281,26664435.1 
3KD5DD2020W5SO LP ALL (C)1,843,1552,09561536.0K5KU
4IK1JJM2020ISO LP ALL (C)1,262,6001,07559024.4 
5NG0C2020W0SO LP ALL (C)723,4721,20443935.3 
6MW8R2020GWSO LP ALL (C)653,30682645428.0GW4SHF
7VE3WRL2020VE3SO LP ALL (C)578,76060226025.1 
8M0PLX/M2020GSO LP ALL (C)538,78067339534.4 
9AC0W2020W0SO LP ALL (C)520,58486139822.0 
10F4FVA2020FSO LP ALL (C)361,36155736133.8 
11N7ZZ2020W9SO LP ALL (C)355,22460532829.8 
12F4HTZ2020FSO LP ALL (C)343,89650035631.3 
13IB5B2020ISO LP ALL (C)341,52353735126.2IK5AEQ
14RA3DAD2020UA-3SO LP ALL (C)324,39249434417.5 
15SP9TKW2020SPSO LP ALL (C)302,08047032030.5 
16WD9CIR2020W9SO LP ALL (C)301,77053331521.7 
17M2J2020GSO LP ALL (C)290,50547432123.7G4NBS
18PF1SCT2020PASO LP ALL (C)274,52248431727.0 
19OZ8CT2020OZSO LP ALL (C)240,80043830126.7 
20DL5KBO2020DLSO LP ALL (C)213,66539728328.0 
21IU4APB2020ISO LP ALL (C)207,14440427435.9 
22S57NAW2020S5SO LP ALL (C)206,70636228216.6 
23DU9WTZ2020DUSO LP ALL (C)194,80538618523.3 
24W8ASA2020W8SO LP ALL (C)189,62337526315.7 
259A3NC20209ASO LP ALL (C)189,00037427016.7 
26LU3HKA2020LUSO LP ALL (C)181,37634220818.8  
27OE0WWL2020OESO LP ALL (C)167,02533825519.0OE1WWL
28CX9AU2020CXSO LP ALL (C)164,51232121215.4 
29CT2GSN2020CTSO LP ALL (C)162,03636325219.2 
30NG1M2020W1SO LP ALL (C)161,36438623825.0 
31OE3TWA2020OESO LP ALL (C)160,88432824622.2 
32RN4HAB2020UA-4SO LP ALL (C)158,99435024227.1 
33OM6AT2020OMSO LP ALL (C)153,67032824222.8 
34AE1P2020W1SO LP ALL (C)141,65528120510.8 
35PR8KW2020PYSO LP ALL (C)137,59231818226.0 
36YT2VP2020YUSO LP ALL (C)136,43731121918.8 
37DH7OM2020DLSO LP ALL (C)134,62032825422.1 
38SQ5WH2020SPSO LP ALL (C)133,14631223429.9 
39LC1P2020LASO LP ALL (C)128,34331923924.4LA1DSA
40VE3SCN2020VE3SO LP ALL (C)114,69523014517.4 
41HI8PAP2020HISO LP ALL (C)111,15622717714.8 
42AC9TO2020W9SO LP ALL (C)110,88734121720.7 
43OM2DT2020OMSO LP ALL (C)108,38826219614.8 
44N2EM2020W3SO LP ALL (C)107,6702631949.3 
45F4BIT2020FSO LP ALL (C)105,67931521722.8 
46EA3T2020EASO LP ALL (C)104,19025423020.2 
47N4ESU2020W2SO LP ALL (C)103,15527219522.3 
48VA1XH2020VE1SO LP ALL (C)98,8411771419.1 
49N9OU2020W4SO LP ALL (C)96,83724619110.7 
50F4HSK2020FSO LP ALL (C)94,36326819721.7 
51DH4PSG2020DLSO LP ALL (C)93,4922442129.6 
52IW0HLZ2020ISO LP ALL (C)88,32027419215.5 
53KS9K2020W9SO LP ALL (C)87,2052021634.9N4TZ
54YO3FLM2020YOSO LP ALL (C)87,03323020119.3 
55E7/Z35M2020E7SO LP ALL (C)84,4562561848.5 
56KE3K2020W8SO LP ALL (C)84,33727418714.4 
57AI4DB2020W4SO LP ALL (C)80,78429118719.5 
58TA2L2020TASO LP ALL (C)79,46017613721.4 
59SP3GTP2020SPSO LP ALL (C)78,25523918512.6 
60K9FRO2020W9SO LP ALL (C)73,27225817220.2 
61EU1TL2020EUSO LP ALL (C)72,16321816912.1 
62NC4MI2020W4SO LP ALL (C)70,74220916312.0 
63IU2EFB2020ISO LP ALL (C)67,25718715910.4 
64AB3XJ2020W3SO LP ALL (C)66,65019815513.1 
65IK2XRO2020ISO LP ALL (C)66,41723516917.3 
662E0SPS2020GSO LP ALL (C)63,54022118019.8 
67F4IIQ2020FSO LP ALL (C)63,16820516816.5 
68SP5TE2020SPSO LP ALL (C)63,07022217014.3 
69DL1LSW2020DLSO LP ALL (C)62,64822816415.2 
70MI0I2020GISO LP ALL (C)62,0922001724.7 
71GW7BZR2020GWSO LP ALL (C)61,42522217515.9 
72EF8O2020EA8SO LP ALL (C)60,4161511186.0DJ1OJ
73ON4MGY2020ONSO LP ALL (C)59,15023017519.8 
74KX1W2020W2SO LP ALL (C)58,5881971518.5 
75DK8HE2020DLSO LP ALL (C)57,75019017513.8 
76LQ3H2020LUSO LP ALL (C)55,16018814017.1LU3HL
77R9AB2020RA9SO LP ALL (C)53,2351281176.6 
78PY1IR2020PYSO LP ALL (C)52,76816813614.5 
79ON3LX2020ONSO LP ALL (C)51,52823415211.2 
80LA9JRA2020LASO LP ALL (C)51,51619516213.4 
81IU2IHM2020ISO LP ALL (C)50,40018014411.7 
82SQ9EDZ2020SPSO LP ALL (C)49,72817914821.5 
83MI1A2020GISO LP ALL (C)49,65121317329.9MI0ULK
84R8MB/12020UA-1SO LP ALL (C)44,92817314419.1 
85W1PDI2020W8SO LP ALL (C)44,58823615723.6 
86W3SAX2020W3SO LP ALL (C)44,57421913817.9 
87JG2RFJ2020JA2SO LP ALL (C)44,47217110216.7 
88KY0Q2020W9SO LP ALL (C)43,64620013910.6 
89R2EL2020UA-3SO LP ALL (C)41,74817714215.7 
90AA3C2020W5SO LP ALL (C)39,86420315124.7 
91K1SO2020W4SO LP ALL (C)39,62019314020.0 
92WB8BZK2020W9SO LP ALL (C)39,29620912810.6 
93LZ1AMA2020LZSO LP ALL (C)38,86215312712.8 
94UT3UZ2020URSO LP ALL (C)38,0561441345.3 
95SQ9IWS2020SPSO LP ALL (C)37,2041621319.4 
96K2WJL2020W2SO LP ALL (C)36,93419411815.2 
97KA0KVW2020W0SO LP ALL (C)36,41820813117.2 
98G4DDL2020GSO LP ALL (C)36,0011781398.1 
992E0PLA2020GSO LP ALL (C)35,75717513720.3 
100KC4JNW2020W4SO LP ALL (C)35,30615912718.0 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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