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1LY5A2006LYSO QRP 160M103,41126018719.9  
2RW4HHD1997UA-4SO QRP 160M54,136184101  
3HA1TI2019HASO QRP 160M (T)38,25015312514.8 
4EU1AA2019EUSO QRP 160M32,88614512614.7 
5UT5EER1998URSO QRP 160M30,75713297  
6R7NP2011UA-6SO QRP 160M30,59013111514.1 
7US8IGL2003URSO QRP 160M27,97613610412.5  
8UY5XE1984URSO QRP 160M25,11013681  
9US7MQ1999URSO QRP 160M24,38411496  
10DP5A2014DLSO QRP 160M23,8701251109.0 
11HA5NB2018HASO QRP 160M (T)23,76611410215.3 
12HA5NB2015HASO QRP 160M (T)23,53311710110.5 
13HA5NB2016HASO QRP 160M (T)22,116115979.7 
14RN3ZJJ2008UA-3SO QRP 160M21,9521139810.3 
15EU2MM1996EUSO QRP 160M20,86413132  
16HA1TI2020HASO QRP 160M (T)20,3671149316.7 
17RB5IIU1984URSO QRP 160M18,83412773  
18HA5NB2017HASO QRP 160M (T)18,40097929.4 
19YT7AW2018YUSO QRP 160M17,910100903.5 
20W2MF2019W2SO QRP 160M17,77594795.3 
21US5MPS1997URSO QRP 160M17,2489877  
22VY2MGY/31998VE3SO QRP 160M14,4008045  
23HA1TI2018HASO QRP 160M (T)13,351877914.2 
24R2FI2020UA2SO QRP 160M12,948937811.3 
25UA4HVV1989UA-4SO QRP 160M12,6909947  
26YU1RA2004YUSO QRP 160M11,16978737.6  
27K3BU/22005W2SO QRP 160M11,115103658.0  
28UB5ZND1990URSO QRP 160M10,9889562  
29US7MQ1998URSO QRP 160M10,7927871  
30RA3DKE1985UA-3SO QRP 160M10,3848459  
31SQ6PHP2016SPSO QRP 160M10,07477694.6 
32RA4FWA2011UA-4SO QRP 160M (R)9,88074655.3 
33RB5EKI1989URSO QRP 160M9,6908757  
34UT/UA0QGQ1999URSO QRP 160M9,4726764  
35YO4FRF1997YOSO QRP 160M8,8207063  
36US7MQ2000URSO QRP 160M8,3827166  
37UA3OQ2007UA-3SO QRP 160M8,220636027.1  
38UA9JMB1998RA9SO QRP 160M7,9924836  
39RB5IJ1987URSO QRP 160M7,3006150  
40YL2GUV1999YLSO QRP 160M6,6006055  
41OK1MP1984OKOMSO QRP 160M6,4906355  
42YO4FRF1996YOSO QRP 160M6,2005950  
43ON9CC2016ONSO QRP 160M6,17161512.9 
44RA6LU1986UA-6SO QRP 160M5,7126042  
45OL6P2015OKSO QRP 160M5,28055484.1OK2PP
46UB5ZHQ1989URSO QRP 160M4,8005648  
47SP2DWG2013SPSO QRP 160M4,65650483.1 
48R9AT2013RA9SO QRP 160M4,56032304.6 
49UA3ATV1985UA-3SO QRP 160M4,4726343  
50ES6PZ2005ESSO QRP 160M4,34349436.1  
51UB5ZME1993URSO QRP 160M4,3204945  
52IZ1ANK2018ISO QRP 160M (T)4,18547452.9 
53UR4UCP1997URSO QRP 160M4,0325148  
54UT3N2013URSO QRP 160M3,96047456.1UT3NK
55YP8A2013YOSO QRP 160M3,85448472.7YO8WW
56UA9LAU2001RA9SO QRP 160M (R)3,6723427  
57RA3WUO2006UA-3SO QRP 160M (R)3,44047402.6  
58OL4W2006OKSO QRP 160M3,31548391.8OK1IF 
59SP2QG2008SPSO QRP 160M3,00339392.2 
60EZ3AEB1984UA-3SO QRP 160M2,9585329  
61S57C2016S5SO QRP 160M (T)2,80040354.8 
62RA3IFE1984UA-3SO QRP 160M2,7524632  
63YL3GHD1995YLSO QRP 160M2,4004035  
64YB2OK1991YBSO QRP 160M2,3762218  
65OH1HD2020OHSO QRP 160M2,33638327.8 
66RZ3VA2004UA-3SO QRP 160M2,20835321.6  
67AM3FF2006EASO QRP 160M2,17632323.4EA3FF 
689A4AA20129ASO QRP 160M1,98432323.3 
69YO5OHZ2004YOSO QRP 160M1,980333024.2  
70SQ6PHP2015SPSO QRP 160M1,89132312.4  
71R7NA2016UA-6SO QRP 160M1,59030301.8 
72EZ3DEU1984UA-3SO QRP 160M1,4403320  
73DD9WG2010DLSO QRP 160M (T)1,40029287.6 
74UR3PDT1994URSO QRP 160M1,3923129  
75EZ5IFD1981URSO QRP 160M1,3203422  
76YU1UA1998YUSO QRP 160M1,1042323  
77RA3ROG1989UA-3SO QRP 160M1,1002725  
78EZ3ACO1983UA-3SO QRP 160M1,0643219  
79UA9MS1987RA9SO QRP 160M1,0241916  
80RA2FB2013UA2SO QRP 160M96623211.3 
81HA7JQK2020HASO QRP 160M94521210.9 
82US1UU2019URSO QRP 160M87423231.1 
83S59GS2018S5SO QRP 160M74120192.3 
84SQ2BXI2003SPSO QRP 160M74020203.2  
85UA3LHL2004UA-3SO QRP 160M (T)72020181.4  
86UQ2GSC1989YLSO QRP 160M7202318  
87OK1DF2010OKSO QRP 160M70320190.8 
88SP5XO2018SPSO QRP 160M68020201.0 
89UC2ODD1982YLSO QRP 160M5981913  
90YT1IA2000YUSO QRP 160M5951817  
91DJ3GE2007DLSO QRP 160M49317173.3  
92DJ3GE2008DLSO QRP 160M45917172.2 
93SP5NOG1996SPSO QRP 160M4501515  
94RA2FB2018UA2SO QRP 160M42015150.7 
95UK6HDK1981UA-6SO QRP 160M3641513  
96DJ3GE2009DLSO QRP 160M28014144.2 
97S59GS2016S5SO QRP 160M27612121.0 
98YO3III2007YOSO QRP 160M24010101.3  
99UR4MLU2006URSO QRP 160M216121224.2  
100S59GS2017S5SO QRP 160M20010100.8 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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