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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1WX3BW32014MULTI-MULTI30,598,8447,054  1,649  48.0WX3B KU1T N8IVN WA3AER N3KS N3YIM NH7C ...
2KD4D/3W32014MULTI-TWO22,714,5605,490  1,440  48.0KD4D K2YWE K3WI N3HBX DF9MV W2CDO K3RA ...
3WX3BW32016MULTI-MULTI22,411,2005,914  1,450  47.5WX3B WR3R K1RH N8IVN N8II K3AJ K3WI ...
4WX3BW32015MULTI-MULTI22,193,8045,915  1,522  48.0WX3B N8IVN K3AJ WR3R WA3AER K1RH ...
5K3LRW32019MULTI-TWO22,032,9655,743  1,415  48.0KM4ATT NN1C VE7DZO HA8RT K6JO KG5HVO
6KD4D/3W32011MULTI-TWO21,464,8964,954  1,396  47.6AC6WI W2CDO K3RA KD4D WB2ZAB
7WX3BW32013MULTI-MULTI21,179,6885,999  1,464  45.8WX3B K3WI N8IVN NE3K K3AJ WA3AER NH7C ...
8KD4D/3W32015MULTI-TWO20,266,1755,234  1,381  48.0KD4D W2CDO KE3X AJ3M N3QE W3IDT ...
9WX3BW32011MULTI-MULTI19,928,6445,347  1,444  46.0WX3B N8IVN KB3CS NY3A N3YIM KU1T N3VOP ...
10WE3CW32009MULTI-MULTI19,779,3645,008  1,364  46.6WE3C W3FV NN3Q KQ3V K3TUF N3RD
11WX3BW32012MULTI-MULTI18,216,3015,102  1,439  46.1WX3B K1RH N8IVN KB3CS N3YIM NE3K N3VOP ...
12KD4D/3W32010MULTI-TWO17,686,4404,806  1,314  48.0KD4D AC6WI K3MIM K3MM K2PS N3HBX
13KE3XW32016MULTI-ONE HIGH16,714,3244,138  1,276  48.0AJ3M KD4D KE3X N3HBX N3QE W3IDT @N3HBX
14WX3BW32010MULTI-MULTI16,588,2905,256  1,334  45.1WX3B NY3A N8IVN KA3ITJ N3WZR N3YIM K3WI
15NG3RW32010MULTI-ONE HIGH15,690,7244,236  1,324  47.8AA5B N3DXX K9RS
16KU3KW32016SO HIGH ALL14,863,7924,118  1,237  35.9N3KS
17KD4D/3W32006MULTI-TWO14,535,5214,618  1,183  48.0N3CA N3HBX NI3N KD4D N8II 
18KE3XW32012MULTI-TWO14,400,9954,361  1,285  46.7KE3X K3RA K2YWE W2CDO N8II @N3HBX
19KD4D/3W32009MULTI-TWO13,300,4134,339  1,211  48.0K3RA K3MM NA3D KD4D K3MIM AC6WI
20WE3CW32006MULTI-TWO13,117,1043,911  1,183  48.0WE3C W3FV KQ3V 
21WE3CW32008MULTI-TWO12,916,4524,059  1,244  47.4K3CT KQ3V N3FTI NM3E NN3Q W2GD W3FV ...
22WR3ZW32014MULTI-ONE HIGH12,822,9293,749  1,273  48.0WR3Z N3OC W3IDT K3TN
23WX3BW32017MULTI-MULTI12,758,5354,354  1,249  48.0WX3B WR3R WA3AER W3GVX K1RH N8IVN NH7C ...
24WY3PW32015SO HIGH ALL12,735,4083,804  1,218  35.7N3KS
25WY3PW32010SO HIGH ALL12,504,4743,618  1,179  35.9N3KS
26KD4DW32018MULTI-TWO11,797,7624,494  1,139  48.0KD4D N3QE AJ3M K3RA KE3X
27NN3WW32019SO HIGH ALL11,392,8263,432  1,187  35.6@N3HBX
28KB3WDW32014SA HIGH ALL11,280,9933,252  1,201  36.0 
29KC3RW32010SO HIGH ALL11,092,2003,383  1,112  35.9LZ4AX
30KD4D/3W32007MULTI-TWO11,031,2444,283  1,106  48.0N3HBX NA3D NI1N K3MIM KD4D 
31WR3ZW32012MULTI-ONE HIGH10,964,3073,668  1,213  47.0WR3Z W3IDT N3OC K3TN
32KC3RW32011SO HIGH ALL10,821,0483,290  1,148  35.9LZ4AX
33KD4D/3W32008MULTI-TWO10,680,3364,175  1,107  46.8NI1N N3HBX NA3D K3MIM KD4D AC6WI N6CY
34KB3WDW32016MULTI-ONE LOW10,457,5463,200  1,094  40.6KB3WD NZ3D
35KE3QW32000SO HIGH ALL10,092,0183,602  1,009    
36WR3ZW32010MULTI-ONE HIGH10,086,1803,376  1,158  47.3WR3Z W3IDT W2CDO N3OC
37NZ3DW32016SA HIGH ALL10,032,7153,134  1,133  34.9K3ZU
38KD4DW32020SO HIGH ALL9,751,9852,955  1,009  35.6 
39KD4D/3W32013MULTI-ONE HIGH9,654,0042,948  1,108  48.0KD4D W2CDO K2YWE N3RR N8II N3HBX
40WE3CW32007MULTI-TWO9,589,0863,689  1,118  44.4WE3C KQ3V W3FV NN3Q K3CT 
41KF3PW31999SO HIGH ALL9,516,8303,543  965  36.0K3MM 
42WG3JW32014MULTI-MULTI9,465,1073,271  1,241  46.0WG3JNJ3IN3QOW3UC KB3NZJ WI3F K3XZ
43WX3BW32018MULTI-MULTI9,258,8033,892  1,093  45.5WX3B NE3K W3MMM NH7C WA3AER N8IVN K3DNE ...
44WR3ZW32013MULTI-ONE HIGH9,050,4543,287  1,134  48.0WR3Z W3IDT N3OC
45WX3BW32019MULTI-MULTI9,000,4803,762  1,103  47.3WX3B WA3AER W3MMM WR3R ND3D N8IVN NH7C ...
46KF3PW32001SO HIGH ALL8,996,9763,438  1,032  36.0  
47WY3PW32009SO HIGH ALL8,898,9683,133  1,066  36.0N3KS
48KS3FW31998MULTI-MULTI8,868,6493,573  1,007  W3PP KE3ZR N3WDL NX3A KS3F 
49K3ZOW32016SO HIGH ALL8,788,0002,831  1,040  33.6 
50K3ZOW32002SO HIGH ALL8,740,9503,384  950  35.8  
51KE3QW31999SO HIGH ALL8,718,0823,306  947  36.0  
52N3QEW32017MULTI-ONE HIGH8,625,0783,008  1,078  48.0N3QE N3HBX AJ3M F4BKV
53KB3WDW32015SA HIGH ALL8,597,7452,759  1,035  36.0 
54K3ZOW32000SO HIGH ALL8,480,3993,173  943    
55KC3RW32013SO HIGH ALL8,469,9722,894  1,044  35.8LZ4AX
56WR3ZW32005MULTI-TWO8,320,6803,500  1,044  48.0WR3Z NH7C WQ2M N3OC 
57N3OCW32000MULTI-ONE HIGH8,135,6773,147  947  N3OC WR3Z 
58WX3BW32006MULTI-MULTI7,975,1013,846  1,041  48.0AG4RZ K3LP K3MM KG4NEP N3FX N3SB N3ST ... 
59WR3ZW32009MULTI-ONE HIGH7,894,5283,086  1,088  45.1WR3Z N3OC N1SZ W3IDT W2CDO
60N3RRW32014SA HIGH ALL7,865,6922,543  1,108  35.9 
61WR3ZW32006MULTI-TWO7,855,5233,272  1,027  46.9WR3Z ND3A WM3O @N3OC 
62WX3BW32009MULTI-MULTI7,727,8323,524  1,064  39.2KB3RAE K3WI KA3ITJ N3FX N3ST N3VOP ...
63K3ZOW32010SO HIGH ALL7,682,0962,509  976  35.6 
64K3ZOW32014SO HIGH ALL7,468,4102,508  1,038  35.3 
65KQ2M/3W31998SO HIGH ALL7,443,7202,920  870    
66K3ZOW32012SO HIGH ALL7,258,4102,479  1,030  32.3 
67WR3ZW32004MULTI-TWO7,117,2353,114  995  38.5WR3Z K3FT N3OC 
68K3ZUW32017SA HIGH ALL7,079,6042,405  1,084  36.0 
69KE3QW31998SO HIGH ALL6,962,6492,962  849    
70KC3RW32016SO LOW ALL6,881,0562,401  973  35.9LZ4AX
71WX3BW32004MULTI-MULTI6,830,4303,238  1,003  48.0WX3B W2DZO WB4MSG K1RH N3FX W3ARS N3YIM ... 
72KC3RW32008SO HIGH ALL6,829,0052,646  985  35.9LZ4AX
73KC3RW32005SO HIGH ALL6,758,5402,781  905  35.0LZ4AX 
74K3ZOW32001SO HIGH ALL6,739,4602,728  910  35.9  
75WY3PW32008SA HIGH ALL6,660,7262,732  1,006  35.7N3KS
76K3ZOW31999SO HIGH ALL6,637,6802,721  840    
77K3ZOW32015SO HIGH ALL6,631,6602,172  980  31.5 
78K3MMW31998SO HIGH ALL6,495,7202,696  836    
79KC3RW32007SO HIGH ALL6,388,6682,635  949  36.0LZ4AX 
80K3WWW31980MULTI-MULTI6,385,8803,620  680  K3WW K3WJV KB3GJ W3BGN N2ATX KA3BLP 
81KF3PW31994SO HIGH ALL6,294,6052,984  865    
82WE3CW32004MULTI-TWO6,213,3612,608  959  41.8WE3C KQ3V 
83WR3ZW32008MULTI-ONE HIGH6,025,7902,679  983  45.1WR3Z W3IDT W2CDO N3OC N1SZ
84K3ZOW32006SO HIGH ALL5,929,6302,363  889  35.8  
85K3ZOW32013SO HIGH ALL5,886,4522,195  902  27.8 
86KC3RW32004SO HIGH ALL5,871,3302,486  890  36.0LZ4AX 
87K3ZOW32009SO HIGH ALL5,797,4402,202  880  34.5 
88AA3BW32013SA HIGH ALL5,747,6912,295  977  30.7 
89W3GMW31981MULTI-MULTI5,711,1723,209  677  W3GM K3GM K3ND K3OA K3RL K3VW W3FV W3RJ 
90KC3RW32000SO HIGH 10M5,647,6382,493  867  WA3FET 
91K3CRW32000SO HIGH 15M5,576,3752,332  875  KB3AFT 
92WY3PW32007SA HIGH ALL5,569,5002,593  948  34.9N3KS 
93K3ZOW32020SO HIGH ALL5,546,3002,250  925  30.7 
94K3ZOW32019SO HIGH ALL5,498,8481,953  908  28.8 
95WR3ZW32007MULTI-ONE HIGH5,450,9562,585  959  46.6WR3Z W2CDO N1SZ W3IDT 
96K3ZOW32005SO HIGH ALL5,400,2162,243  828  34.1  
97K3MDW32014MULTI-ONE HIGH5,309,6242,158  956  35.6K3MD NA3D
98K3WWW31981MULTI-MULTI5,283,3003,129  660  K3WW WA2SFB K3WJV KB3AG KB3GJ N3EC ... 
99KQ2MW31996SO HIGH ALL5,281,2002,174  810    
100K3WWW32000SA HIGH ALL5,195,1342,192  866    
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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