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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
101OH8X2012OHMULTI-ONE HIGH10,948,2243,994  1,344  47.8CU2CE CU2DX LA7JO LB3HC
102AK1W2011W1MULTI-ONE HIGH16,567,2484,281  1,343  47.3K5ZD W1UJ @K5ZD
103CQ8X2010CUMULTI-ONE HIGH20,882,3075,864  1,343  48.0CU2CE CU2DX DL6LAU N6RC OH1TV OH2BH ...
1045D5A2008CNMULTI-ONE HIGH33,066,8806,372  1,342  47.8IK2QEI IK2SGC
105ED1R2013EAMULTI-ONE HIGH15,708,8204,332  1,340  48.0DH1TW EA1AR EC1KR EA4AOC EC4DX
106NK7U2011W7MULTI-ONE HIGH13,304,6103,724  1,335  47.8NK7U KL9A W7CT
107LS1D2012LUMULTI-ONE HIGH17,695,5104,400  1,334  47.1LU3CT LW1DTZ LW9EOC
108CQ9T2013CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH22,283,0284,863  1,332  48.0CT3FQ CT3HF CT3KN
109ES9C2009ESMULTI-ONE HIGH15,296,6884,905  1,332  47.8ES2DW ES2MC ES1LBK ES5JR ES5RY ES5GP ...
110D44TD2002D4MULTI-ONE HIGH33,443,8567,852  1,332  48.0I4UFH IV3TAN IK2NCJ IK2JUB 
111DQ2C2016DLMULTI-ONE HIGH16,371,3004,204  1,331  48.0DK1FW DL2CC DL2SAX DK1MM DJ5MW DK2ZO
112PS2T2006PYMULTI-ONE HIGH21,047,2504,989  1,330  48.0PY2EX PY2YU PY5EG SM0CXU 
113IO5O2011IMULTI-ONE HIGH12,066,2083,398  1,328  47.4IK5ROS IK5RLP IZ5EME IZ5DIY IV3KKW ...
114IO5O2019IMULTI-ONE HIGH15,760,8753,911  1,325  48.0IK5ROS IK5RLP IZ5EME IK5RUN IK5ZWU ...
115NG3R2010W3MULTI-ONE HIGH15,690,7244,236  1,324  47.8AA5B N3DXX K9RS
1169A7A20139AMULTI-ONE HIGH12,363,2393,825  1,321  48.09A3OS 9A3TR 9A5BWW 9A5X 9A6NA 9A7V
117ED3X2013EAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,645,0554,176  1,319  47.8EA3IN EA3QP EA3JW EA3GEG
118CQ9K2006CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH24,878,9785,221  1,319  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK ... 
119ZX0F2001PY0FMULTI-ONE HIGH31,700,5367,475  1,318  42.9PY5CC PY0FF N5FA PY7ZZ 
120NV9L2014W9MULTI-ONE HIGH13,663,8753,934  1,317  46.1NV9L WB9Z N9TK
121DQ8N2017DLMULTI-ONE HIGH14,816,6643,942  1,314  48.0DG0OKW DL1WA DL2ARD DL3ALI DL3ANK
122P40M2011P4MULTI-ONE HIGH22,399,6905,539  1,310  46.5N4OC W3BW P49V K0DQ
123HC8N2002HC8MULTI-ONE HIGH28,998,2776,885  1,309  48.0N5KO XE1KK 
1249A7A20029AMULTI-ONE HIGH19,034,9505,430  1,306  48.09A4RX 9A6DM 9A3OS 9A4PA 9A7V 9A8A 9A3TR ... 
125NY6N2012W6MULTI-ONE HIGH14,316,6164,215  1,304  47.5W6YI N6MJ N6WIN
1269A70A20189AMULTI-ONE HIGH13,381,8103,733  1,303  48.09A5BWW 9A7V 9A3TR 9A5X 9A2V 9A3OS 9A6NA
127HG1S2016HAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,853,2803,642  1,302  47.9HA1TJ HA1DAI HA6NF
128KP2TM2012KP2MULTI-ONE HIGH17,121,1605,274  1,301  47.6K9TM K8CC W8MJ
129OM7M2009OMMULTI-ONE HIGH13,609,7003,825  1,300  48.0OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM2IB OM5RW OM5ZW
130KP2TM2013KP2MULTI-ONE HIGH21,519,2345,981  1,299  48.0K9TM W8MJ K8CC
131AY5F2012LUMULTI-ONE HIGH17,023,3954,310  1,299  47.3LU5FC LU7HN LU5FD LU7HF LU6FHO
132CT9M2002CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH24,857,6645,899  1,299  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK CT3IA ... 
133G2F2016GMULTI-ONE HIGH11,969,6853,641  1,295  48.0M0CHK M0CKE G4MKP M0CLW EI5IX LZ2MAM
134TM5C2002FMULTI-ONE HIGH18,729,5855,149  1,295  48.0F5NLY F5VCO F6ARC F6CTT 
135ZY7C2008PYMULTI-ONE HIGH20,940,7364,738  1,292  47.3PT7CB PT7CG PT7WA PT7YV PT7ZAA PT7ZAP ...
136CQ9K2001CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH26,146,2046,405  1,292  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK CT3IA ... 
137PW2D2012PYMULTI-ONE HIGH15,690,8144,053  1,291  44.7PY2BK PY2PT PY2ZXU
138KP2TM2011KP2MULTI-ONE HIGH17,438,2205,668  1,290  48.0K9TM K8CC W8MJ
139G2F2015GMULTI-ONE HIGH9,693,8683,321  1,286  47.9M0CLW M0CKE EI5IX M0CHK
140AK1W2012W1MULTI-ONE HIGH14,020,6353,935  1,285  47.5K5ZD W1UJ @K5ZD
141OL4A2009OKMULTI-ONE HIGH13,951,2453,836  1,285  47.3OK1RI OK1DO OK1VVT
142WW2DX2017W1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,175,1143,547  1,282  46.8WW2DX W2RE K2NG NA2AA
143TM6M2008FMULTI-ONE HIGH14,075,0784,109  1,282  48.0F1AKK F4DXW F8DBF
144IO9A2015IT9MULTI-ONE HIGH8,893,4403,406  1,280  48.0IT9YVO IZ7KHR IT9BUN IT9SSI IK8ERL ...
145PQ5B2014PYMULTI-ONE HIGH14,484,4803,766  1,280  48.0PP5CFS PP5JD PY3MM PY3KN PY3FJ PP5BZ ...
146ED3X2012EAMULTI-ONE HIGH10,874,0583,549  1,279  47.9EA3JW EA3IN EA3GEG EA3QP
147OM8A2007OMMULTI-ONE HIGH13,018,9413,967  1,279  48.0OM2VL OM3BH OM3GI OM3LA OM3NA OM3RM ... 
1489A8M20149AMULTI-ONE HIGH10,855,3323,357  1,278  44.79A3BVT 9A3XU 9A3XV 9A5ADT 9A8DX
149HG1S2017HAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,900,7443,599  1,276  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAI HG2DX HA7PL HA1DAE
150KE3X2016W3MULTI-ONE HIGH16,714,3244,138  1,276  48.0AJ3M KD4D KE3X N3HBX N3QE W3IDT @N3HBX
151OM7M2010OMMULTI-ONE HIGH13,036,8753,562  1,275  48.0OK2BFN OM2IB OM3PA OM5MF OM5RW OM5ZW
152SO9Q2010SPMULTI-ONE HIGH11,979,9003,433  1,275  47.5SP9QMP SQ9JKW SQ9JKS SP9XCN
153C5P2003C5MULTI-ONE HIGH24,012,0756,104  1,275  46.0YL2KL YL3CW YL1ZF LY2TA 
154TM0R2013FMULTI-ONE HIGH11,488,9323,576  1,274  48.0F1BLQ F1CGN F5BSB F5MNK F6EXV F8ARK
155WR3Z2014W3MULTI-ONE HIGH12,822,9293,749  1,273  48.0WR3Z N3OC W3IDT K3TN
156KM3T/12013W1MULTI-ONE HIGH16,686,4844,134  1,273  48.0K0DQ K1DG K1GQ WC1M KM3T N4OC
157K1LZ2009W1MULTI-ONE HIGH16,007,9753,854  1,273  47.4K1LZ N8BO K3JO
158PQ5B2012PYMULTI-ONE HIGH17,088,3544,298  1,269  47.7PY3AT PY3KN PY3MM PP5BZ PT2OM PT9ZE ...
159LT1F2014LUMULTI-ONE HIGH13,218,3063,544  1,266  41.9LU1FAM LU1FKR LU2FE LU4FPZ LU9FL
160VC6R2014VE6MULTI-ONE HIGH13,613,2983,644  1,266  47.5VE4EA VE4GV VE6RST VE6SV
1619A5Y20199AMULTI-ONE HIGH11,679,7453,725  1,265  48.09A3LG 9A7DX 9A9EE
162OE4A2006OEMULTI-ONE HIGH14,967,4804,279  1,265  48.09A3AG OE3DIA(OM3LA) OE1EMS(T93J) OE6MBG 
163T71DX2015T7MULTI-ONE HIGH12,535,0884,200  1,264  47.9T77NM T77BB T77CD IK4DCX IK4DDI ...
164II9P2012IT9MULTI-ONE HIGH10,264,9443,850  1,264  46.0IT9AUG S52RU IT9NJE IT9EQO IT9CJC ...
165UF1F2018UA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH10,995,9203,894  1,261  48.0RW1A RW1F RV1AW RN1A UF1F RU1AF
166P33W20095BMULTI-ONE HIGH24,589,4345,331  1,257  47.8RN3QO RW4WR RX3DCX RA3AUU
167CQ95F2008CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH23,507,2964,908  1,256  47.8CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK ...
168MS0OXE2014GMMULTI-ONE HIGH10,082,1603,526  1,254  48.0G4MKP M0VKY M0YOM
169SX9C2014SV9MULTI-ONE HIGH8,310,2583,924  1,254  46.6SV9COL SV9DJO SV9FBG SV9FBK SV9GPV ...
1706V7D20116WMULTI-ONE HIGH17,587,1084,604  1,253  43.8UA0SC UA0SE UA0SW RZ0SR
1715B/AJ2O20055BMULTI-ONE HIGH28,966,2726,558  1,252  48.0RW3QC RW4WR RA3AUU 
172OM8A2009OMMULTI-ONE HIGH11,860,7313,487  1,251  47.3OM3GI OM3NA OM3RM OM5KM
173F5UTN2015FMULTI-ONE HIGH10,690,0003,490  1,250  48.0F5UTN F8CRH
174K0DU2011W0MULTI-ONE HIGH12,126,5413,821  1,249  47.5K0DU K0CL K0UK
175LY21A2011LYMULTI-ONE HIGH10,766,6863,520  1,246  48.0LY7Z LY9Y
176CT3EE2017CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH17,797,2753,701  1,245  47.9CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EN CT1BWU CT1AGS
177RT0F2015RA0MULTI-ONE HIGH12,654,1803,477  1,245  47.5RC0F RG0F RT0F
178KL7RA2011KLMULTI-ONE HIGH14,429,5504,146  1,245  46.4KL7RA AL7IF AL2F KL2HD
179NN1N2010W1MULTI-ONE HIGH11,843,6853,722  1,245  47.5K1MAA K5ZD KX9X NN1N
180ZY7C2007PYMULTI-ONE HIGH19,181,7154,315  1,245  48.0PT7AA PT7BZ PT7CB PT7CG PT7WA PT7YV ... 
181FM5GU2002FMMULTI-ONE HIGH21,920,7156,459  1,245  48.0FM5GU IV3BTY IV3FHH IV3JVJ IV3OWC 
182RM5A2013UA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH10,258,0243,986  1,244  48.0HB9ELV RA5A RD3BW RM2D RM2M RN3AC RU4W ...
183P33W20085BMULTI-ONE HIGH26,089,3275,621  1,243  48.0RW4WR RX3DCX RA3AUU
184A61AJ2002A6MULTI-ONE HIGH23,610,7856,339  1,243  48.0A61AJ N2AA OH2BH S53R T97C 
185IR6T2014IMULTI-ONE HIGH10,383,7603,443  1,240  48.0IZ6TSA IZ6CRK IZ6FUQ IK6VXO IK6JNH
186YT2T2012YTMULTI-ONE HIGH10,151,8803,599  1,240  46.3YT2T YT2B YT1BX YU2A
1875B/AJ2O20075BMULTI-ONE HIGH23,822,2535,335  1,239  47.0RX3DCX RX9TL RW4WR RA3AUU 
188OM7M2006OMMULTI-ONE HIGH13,614,1323,818  1,239  48.0OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM5AW OM5RM OM5RW ... 
189SO9Q2012SPMULTI-ONE HIGH10,474,7183,339  1,238  47.9SP9QMP SP9XCN SQ9LR SQ9JKW SP9H
190EA8ZS2003EA8MULTI-ONE HIGH23,255,8304,892  1,238  48.0RW3QC RX3DCX RA3AUU 
191NR3X/42011W4MULTI-ONE HIGH10,629,5413,330  1,237  47.0N4YDU W4KAZ N1LN
192EI7M2007EIMULTI-ONE HIGH11,182,4803,902  1,237  48.0EI3JE EI8IR G3ZVW G4CLA G7TWC LY3MM 
193IR4T2001IMULTI-ONE HIGH16,123,6204,731  1,236  48.0I4UFH IK4UPB IK4MHB IK2SGC IK2NCJ 
194KH7XX2014KH6MULTI-ONE HIGH16,315,5853,995  1,235  47.3KH6GT KH7U W7NX WH6R
195IO5O2010IMULTI-ONE HIGH11,541,0753,294  1,235  46.8IK5ROS IK5RLP IV3KKW IW5EFX IZ5BRW ...
196P40V2002P4MULTI-ONE HIGH24,910,7586,504  1,234  48.0AI6V KI7WX 
197E7DX2018E7MULTI-ONE HIGH10,595,2173,370  1,231  48.0E70R E70T E76C E77C E77DX E77E E77W ...
198K0DU2015W0MULTI-ONE HIGH12,687,4503,929  1,230  48.0K0DU K0UK K0CL
199CQ9K2005CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH21,831,2704,861  1,230  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK ... 
200CQ3T2009CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH19,639,4044,111  1,228  45.7CT3CD CT3CK CT3FQ CT3HV CT3KN

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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