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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
101UP0LUN2010MULTI-ONE HIGH19,925,2624,636  1,197  47.4UN9LW RN4WA
102EI7MEI2017MULTI-ONE HIGH19,831,5004,884  1,469  48.0EI8IR EI3JE EI3JZ EI3KD G4CLA G0CKV ...
103EI7MEI2013MULTI-ONE HIGH19,735,2545,408  1,386  48.0EI3JE EI8IR EI3JZ M0WLF EI5GM M0MAT
1045B/AJ2O5B2006MULTI-ONE HIGH19,708,4934,600  1,141  48.0N2OW RW3QC RW4WR UA9CDV RA3AUU 
105CQ3TCT32009MULTI-ONE HIGH19,639,4044,111  1,228  45.7CT3CD CT3CK CT3FQ CT3HV CT3KN
1069A7A9A2015MULTI-ONE HIGH19,526,7965,032  1,506  48.09A3OS 9A3QB 9A3TR 9A5M 9A5X 9A7V
107CW5WCX2015MULTI-ONE HIGH19,516,4764,608  1,428  48.0CX5CBA CX6DRA CX7ACH CX6VM
1089K2HN9K2017MULTI-ONE HIGH19,445,3744,483  1,118  47.99K2HN 9K2RR 9K2OD 9K2HQ 9K2HK 9K2NO
109PQ5BPY2015MULTI-ONE HIGH19,438,8484,685  1,408  47.9PP5CFS PP5MS PT9ZE PP5WG PP5JD ...
110OE3KOE2011MULTI-ONE HIGH19,384,3084,662  1,476  48.0OE6MBG OE2VEL OM3RM OE3DIA
111FM5GUFM2001MULTI-ONE HIGH19,260,7805,861  1,137  48.0IV3FHH IV3JVJ IV3TDM FM5GU FM5WD 
112UP2LUN2021MULTI-ONE HIGH19,201,0834,276  1,203  48.0R9HBA UN0LM UN7LZ UN9L UN9LG
113ZY7CPY2007MULTI-ONE HIGH19,181,7154,315  1,245  48.0PT7AA PT7BZ PT7CB PT7CG PT7WA PT7YV ... 
114WW2DXW22012MULTI-ONE HIGH19,167,0804,495  1,373  47.6W2RE WW2DX KB2HZI K2TR
115E7DXE72021MULTI-ONE HIGH19,082,2324,960  1,443  48.0E70T E74A E77DX E77E E77EA
116KH7XKH62012MULTI-ONE HIGH19,038,1204,430  1,180  45.2KH6ND KH6SH KH7U
1179A7A9A2002MULTI-ONE HIGH19,034,9505,430  1,306  48.09A4RX 9A6DM 9A3OS 9A4PA 9A7V 9A8A 9A3TR ... 
1189A22P9A2012MULTI-ONE HIGH18,871,6854,871  1,435  48.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A3BIM 9A5CW 9A6XX
119D44ACD42007MULTI-ONE HIGH18,836,3844,650  1,172  48.0I4UFH IV3TAN 
120TM5CF2002MULTI-ONE HIGH18,729,5855,149  1,295  48.0F5NLY F5VCO F6ARC F6CTT 
121OM7MOM2015MULTI-ONE HIGH18,632,4124,612  1,483  48.0IT9RGY OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM4MM ...
1229A33P9A2013MULTI-ONE HIGH18,507,6724,855  1,467  48.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A3BIM 9A3K 9A5CW 9A6XX ...
123PJ2FRPJ21987MULTI-ONE HIGH18,493,7305,563  907  PJ2FR N6KT 
124RU1AUA-12016MULTI-ONE HIGH18,470,1005,226  1,450  48.0RW1A RV1AW R2RA RN1A
125ZW5BPY1998MULTI-ONE HIGH18,385,5185,445  1,087  PY5EG PY5CC PY5GU 
1269K2HN9K2016MULTI-ONE HIGH18,337,9474,162  1,189  48.09K2HN 9K2HQ 9K2NO 9K2HK 9K2MY A61BK ...
127E7DXE72017MULTI-ONE HIGH18,302,8534,508  1,389  47.99A1TT 9A1UN 9A2PF 9A3AG E74AW 9A5CW ...
128IO5OI2017MULTI-ONE HIGH18,289,3794,233  1,433  48.0IK5ROS IK5RLP IK5AMB IZ5EME IZ5FDD ...
129CQ3TCT32008MULTI-ONE HIGH18,009,9924,297  1,144  44.8CT3CK CT3FQ CT3KN
130RL3AUA-32013MULTI-ONE HIGH18,002,2155,546  1,463  48.0RV1AW RA1ZZ RA3ATX RM5D RM3D RT3DX
131S50GS52016MULTI-ONE HIGH17,989,2024,294  1,393  48.0S57AW S56M
132VP51VVP52004MULTI-ONE HIGH17,939,6006,156  1,192  48.0K5CM N5KW W5AO 
133RT4FUA-42010MULTI-ONE HIGH17,902,7205,435  1,408  48.0RK4FD RK4FF RK4FW UA4FER UA4FMV
134CT3EECT32017MULTI-ONE HIGH17,797,2753,701  1,245  47.9CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EN CT1BWU CT1AGS
135T33RDT331999MULTI-ONE HIGH17,778,3725,670  998  48.0OK1RI OK1TN OK1RD 
136ED1REA2014MULTI-ONE HIGH17,703,8744,817  1,481  48.0EC1KR EA4AOC EC4DX
137LS1DLU2012MULTI-ONE HIGH17,695,5104,400  1,334  47.1LU3CT LW1DTZ LW9EOC
1386V7D6W2011MULTI-ONE HIGH17,587,1084,604  1,253  43.8UA0SC UA0SE UA0SW RZ0SR
139UA7KUA-62021MULTI-ONE HIGH17,480,2685,673  1,476  48.0RW1F RD1A UG1B UF1F RY6M R6KVA RU6K ...
140C4N5B2008MULTI-ONE HIGH17,440,7844,313  1,114  47.45B4AGM 5B8AD RV6LNA UA9CDV
141KP2TMKP22011MULTI-ONE HIGH17,438,2205,668  1,290  48.0K9TM K8CC W8MJ
142KH7XKH62006MULTI-ONE HIGH17,357,5484,490  1,058  48.0KH6ND KH6TO KH6YY KH7U AH6NF AH6OZ KH7X ... 
143LZ73ALZ2019MULTI-ONE HIGH17,332,9264,657  1,402  48.0K1LZ KO8SCA LZ1JZ LZ1NK LZ1QN LZ1RGT ... 
144TO5MFM1993MULTI-ONE HIGH17,310,3496,189  1,099  FM5BH FM5CD FM5DN FM5EB FM5WD FM5WW ... 
1459K2HN9K2011MULTI-ONE HIGH17,308,9804,167  1,170  45.99K2HN 9K2RR 9K2YM SP4R
146TM5CF2001MULTI-ONE HIGH17,220,4745,172  1,206  48.0F6CTT F5VCO F1UVN 
147TO5TFM2001MULTI-ONE HIGH17,203,7045,224  1,176  48.0FM5BH 
148E7DXE72009MULTI-ONE HIGH17,197,2614,704  1,357  48.09A1TT E70R E70T E74AW E76C E77DX
149IR4XI2018MULTI-ONE HIGH17,158,8324,137  1,384  48.0I4UFH I4USC I4VEQ I4YRW IK4UPB IK4VET ...
150TM0RF2014MULTI-ONE HIGH17,130,7204,685  1,424  45.9F1BLQ F5MNK F6EXV F6HKA F6IRA F8ARK
151KP2TMKP22012MULTI-ONE HIGH17,121,1605,274  1,301  47.6K9TM K8CC W8MJ
152PQ5BPY2012MULTI-ONE HIGH17,088,3544,298  1,269  47.7PY3AT PY3KN PY3MM PP5BZ PT2OM PT9ZE ...
153AY5FLU2012MULTI-ONE HIGH17,023,3954,310  1,299  47.3LU5FC LU7HN LU5FD LU7HF LU6FHO
154WP2ZKP22000MULTI-ONE HIGH16,991,8185,824  1,142  W6XK N6DE W7MH 
155PS2TPY2019MULTI-ONE HIGH16,954,0003,820  1,211  47.9PY2NA PY2NDX PY2YU PY2ZEA
156UP2LUN2019MULTI-ONE HIGH16,833,9993,561  1,149  48.0UN0LM UN4L UN6LN UN7LZ UN9L UN9LG
157TM1CF2000MULTI-ONE HIGH16,768,7195,161  1,177  F6CTT F5SNJ F5PSG F8AKS 
158KE3XW32016MULTI-ONE HIGH16,714,3244,138  1,276  48.0AJ3M KD4D KE3X N3HBX N3QE W3IDT @N3HBX
159KM3T/1W12013MULTI-ONE HIGH16,686,4844,134  1,273  48.0K0DQ K1DG K1GQ WC1M KM3T N4OC
160CQ9KCT32003MULTI-ONE HIGH16,670,4304,032  1,126  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK CT3IA ... 
161SP8RSP2014MULTI-ONE HIGH16,658,4784,409  1,454  48.0SP8BRQ SP8CGU SP8TJU SP7VC
162IB9TIT92015MULTI-ONE HIGH16,633,4144,723  1,537  48.0IT9BLB IT9RBW IT9VDQ IT9ZMX IZ2WFL
163UA5LUA-32019MULTI-ONE HIGH16,586,7644,907  1,412  48.0R3DCB R3LA RA9USU RL3FT RN3DNM UA3ASZ ...
164SJ2WSM2014MULTI-ONE HIGH16,585,6684,800  1,518  48.0LB3HC SM2LIY SM2UVU SM2WMV
165VP5VVP52001MULTI-ONE HIGH16,578,6725,892  1,122  24.0K5CM N5KW W5AO 
166EB3CWEA2015MULTI-ONE HIGH16,575,2314,613  1,401  48.0DH1TW EB3CW EA3AKY
167AK1WW12011MULTI-ONE HIGH16,567,2484,281  1,343  47.3K5ZD W1UJ @K5ZD
168KP2TMKP22006MULTI-ONE HIGH16,562,2105,555  1,115  44.5K9TM K8CC 
169TX0RAFM1988MULTI-ONE HIGH16,530,4155,422  979  FM5CD F6BPX F6GWV FD1MAY F6HMQ 
170WP2ZKP22004MULTI-ONE HIGH16,508,7725,733  1,134  48.0K9TM K8CC WZ8P 
171TA5/N0FYRTA1991MULTI-ONE HIGH16,474,9655,435  1,005  N0FYR HA0MM HA0OU HA0LC 
172IR4MI2017MULTI-ONE HIGH16,459,7704,032  1,362  48.0I4EWH IK3QAR IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP ...
173CW0BCX2004MULTI-ONE HIGH16,398,3564,299  1,196  48.0CX4DX CX5BW CX7BY CX8CP LU1ECZ LU1FS ... 
174C49C5B1993MULTI-ONE HIGH16,387,7565,640  847  5B4LP 5B4WN 5B4ADA 
175DQ2CDL2016MULTI-ONE HIGH16,371,3004,204  1,331  48.0DK1FW DL2CC DL2SAX DK1MM DJ5MW DK2ZO
176KH7XXKH62014MULTI-ONE HIGH16,315,5853,995  1,235  47.3KH6GT KH7U W7NX WH6R
177IR4MI2018MULTI-ONE HIGH16,233,5324,109  1,358  48.0I4EWH I4IFL IK3QAR IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP ...
178EW5AEU2021MULTI-ONE HIGH16,178,2204,922  1,445  48.0EU1A EW1NY EW6W EU6AF EU6AB EW8Y EW8AX ...
1794X7R4X2016MULTI-ONE HIGH16,171,3864,029  1,207  48.04X6FR 4X1DX 4X4DZ 4Z4AK
180TS5I3V1998MULTI-ONE HIGH16,157,1684,519  929  I5JHW I5NSR I5OYY IK5FTQ IK5JAN IK5OSA ... 
181IR4TI2001MULTI-ONE HIGH16,123,6204,731  1,236  48.0I4UFH IK4UPB IK4MHB IK2SGC IK2NCJ 
182PJ2TPJ22007MULTI-ONE HIGH16,075,7493,987  1,063  48.0K2PLF N4RV DF7ZS W9JUV WA9YYY W0CG 
183PQ5BPY2013MULTI-ONE HIGH16,022,5944,237  1,226  48.0PP5BS PP5AFG PP5CFS PP5JD PP5VB PP5MCB ...
184ZW5BPY1999MULTI-ONE HIGH16,020,5044,695  1,107  48.0PY2KC PY5GU PU5MCO PP5UB PP5WG 
185FM5BHFM2000MULTI-ONE HIGH16,010,4564,981  1,106  FM5FJ FM5GU FM5BH FM5DS FM5GU 
186K1LZW12009MULTI-ONE HIGH16,007,9753,854  1,273  47.4K1LZ N8BO K3JO
1879K2HN9K2018MULTI-ONE HIGH15,998,8193,913  1,061  48.09K2HN 9K2OD 9K2NO 9K2HQ 9K2HK A61ZA ...
188OM7MOM2012MULTI-ONE HIGH15,957,9704,198  1,385  48.0OK2BFN OM3PA OM4MM OM5MF OM5RW OM5ZW
189OM7MOM2011MULTI-ONE HIGH15,918,7324,073  1,406  47.9OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM4MM OM5MF OM5RW ...
1909K2HN9K2008MULTI-ONE HIGH15,858,5644,256  1,038  47.09K2HN 9K2RR SP4R
191IO5OI2016MULTI-ONE HIGH15,766,5284,110  1,384  48.0IK5AMB IZ5FDD IV3KKW IZ5ILA IK5ROS ...
192IO5OI2019MULTI-ONE HIGH15,760,8753,911  1,325  48.0IK5ROS IK5RLP IZ5EME IK5RUN IK5ZWU ...
193ED1REA2013MULTI-ONE HIGH15,708,8204,332  1,340  48.0DH1TW EA1AR EC1KR EA4AOC EC4DX
194PW2DPY2012MULTI-ONE HIGH15,690,8144,053  1,291  44.7PY2BK PY2PT PY2ZXU
195NG3RW32010MULTI-ONE HIGH15,690,7244,236  1,324  47.8AA5B N3DXX K9RS
196YT3AYT2015MULTI-ONE HIGH15,527,7004,429  1,350  48.0YU7AV YU1AU YU7VX Z36W YU7U YU7ZZ
197PT7CBPY1995MULTI-ONE HIGH15,515,6004,728  982  PT7AA PT7BZ PT7CB PT7NK PT7OO PT7WA ... 
198KP2TMKP22007MULTI-ONE HIGH15,493,1644,930  1,108  48.0K9TM K8CC W8MJ 
199IY1GMSI2014MULTI-ONE HIGH15,437,0004,261  1,436  48.0I1BEP IK1HXN IK1RQT IK1SPR IV3BSY ...
200LR2FLU2005MULTI-ONE HIGH15,358,6664,216  1,094  48.0LU1FZR LU2FA LU5FC LW7DX 
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