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VE3AYRSO LP 40MHustler 40m dipole on my third floor apartment balcony!
VE3CTSO HP ALLIC-705 / Optibeam / 80m 'V' Rough going with my antenna fixed due North and K3 in repair so limited to 400w. Worked well into Asia though if only conditions were better. First major contest with new call many repeats for such a simple call VE2, KT, PT, C (no T), KA, TNT, etc. - no comment necessary
VE3JZTSO LP ALLLicenced 7/2021
VE3KOTSO LP ALLFirst license 10-2021. First licensed in October 2021
VE3KTBSO LP ALLCouldn't keep butt in chair
VE3MISSO HP ALLThank you to everyone for all the QSOs
VE3SSRSO LP ALLWorked 6 hours from home. Antennas: D-loop on 40m, R600 on HF bands
VE3VYSO LP ALLSingle-element wire antennas only
VE4DLSO LP ALLnot bad for a working weekend
VE6JTWSO LP ALLFirst license 11-2020. Rookie, first cw contest
VE7ABSO LP ALLvertical dipoles in oak trees
VE7BGPSO LP ALLI had a lot of fun operating this years WPX contest. Rig used a new FTdx-10
VE7GOGSO LP ALLOperator: VA7QCE operating from Station: VE7GOG
VE7MRSO LP 40Mcovid, bad bug!
VE7SARMSHTotally disagree with Russia ban
VE9HFSO HP 20MCQing into a Hustler 6BTV with 32 radials. I've been without directional HF antennas since I moved 18 months ago. That will hopefully change this coming week
VE9KKSO LP ALLI started with a dream of WPX sugar cookies being racked up in the log. Conditions as I would imagine have already been talked about were challenging. Thanks to VX9ML for the contact and the points. Things all came crashing down when my dear wife came into the shack shortly into the contest with 'come and listen I think I hear water running' Well things came to a grinding halt and it was contractors, plumbers and lots of goodies. Anyway was in and out of the contest but mostly out. 73 and thanks to those who made contact, Mike VE9KK
VJ4OSO LP ALLUsed 'SD' by EI5DI worked very FB
VJ5WSO HP ALLMore people need to listen and copy what was sent instead of guessing The VK 2x1 contest calls in the VJ and VL series are still confusing people Also people need to look out for strange openings. Yes LP South America works from VK at 5am (1900z). Something to watch for next year!
VK2BJSO HP ALLContest was great fun but 10 and 15 disappointing on the Sunday. Not much at all heard on 80 and nothing on 160
VK2CCCSO QRP ALLVery average condx on the second day (when using QRP and a single end fed wire). The highlight was those few 80M QSOs with US and Canada - great ears & skill of those ops. TNX!
VK2IGSO LP 10MSingle band entry this year on 10m (decided to give 40m a rest for a change). It was an enjoyable activity, with 10m showing better openings than last December's ARRL 10m Contest. Transmitter was a TS-480HX operating at 100W output, and antennas were two 'Hourglass' with upper elements at 15m height and beaming at 90 degrees to each other. Thanks to those who answered my calls, and the contest managers for running this contest
VK3IUSO LP 10MThis was my 1st WPX in over 20y and a trial for using N1MM next time will be there more seriously
VK3KTTSO LP ALLjust a casual entry but had lots of fun
VK4JJSO LP 20MFirst license 10-2020. 11 DEC 2020 - ROOKIE
VK5DCSO LP ALLGreat opportunity to integrate my FLEX-6400 and N1MM together for the first time. This contest allows me to work a lot of stations from all over the world with a dipole based station @ about 20 feet
VK7GNSO HP ALLIf AJ6V reports wrong serial it is my fault - I gave 525 then repeated as 526!
VL2GSO HP ALLExcellent high band conditions for the first day. What a fantastic contest experience for 24 hours. Thanks to all who exchange numbers with me
VL2NSO HP ALLSmall entry on my part (Classic and fourteen hours on). However almost double of QSOs comparing to the last year. Amazing conditions and I did not have any Murphy visit. Some of the DX stations had mighty signals. Quite few very good runs. Ten meters was very friendly, but fifteen meters was great. In general it was fun. Thank you all who called. 73 Patrick VK2PN
VL3ESO LP 10MA very part time effort but it was great to see 10m open for a contest. Band condx on 10m were down compared to the previous few months but had fun working some DX
VL6KSO QRP 20MPart time effort as I had home life & fire brigade training. My FT920 is not working well & needs looking at soon. 4W, broken FT920 & 80m OCF dipole @ 6m. ~2.5 hrs. I have a new rig on order. Hope to do better next time!
VO1BQSO HP ALLConditions seemed very good, a pleasant surprise... Three, 1 hour operating sessions over the weekend. Mostly S&P with a little running for a while before I shut down. 500W with EFHW...Thanks for the QSO's. 73 Joe VO1BQ
VR2NCSO LP 10MFirst license 07-2021. licensed since July,2021
W1FJSO QRP ALLbroke some pile ups,ran some E on 40m, worked a JA, this QRP stuff is kid of fun
W1NDSO QRP ALLI was at the campsite with my KX2, testing out a new flight board that allowed me to work from my camp chair. So Picnic Table Portable and Camp Chair Portable. I used a 59' End Fed on day one, then switched to a 42' End Fed for day two. Keep it simple. My log is my tried an true /P Rite in the Rain 4x6 pad with my own format
W1NUSO LP ALLa bit more ambition this time and a teeny bit more comfort with N1MM made my operation a tad more efficient than my last effort...but far from 'sleek' hi hi...lots of fun and bands, though certainly not stellar, were modestly healthy 73s de W1NU
W2IYSO HP ALLFirst license 04-1961
W2YRSO HP ALLMost regrettable and short-sighted that CQ has introduced politics into amateur radio contests with the invalidation of participation from stations in some regions!
W3AVPSO LP ALLThank you everyone for putting up with my horrid fist
W3SACheckloglots of QSB and late opening into Europe
W3SISO LP 20MMy first CQ WPX-CW Contest about 4 hours operating time. Rig Icom 706 into a LNR EFHW QUAD antenna key was a Vizkey Vertical Bug. I was not prepared to do this contest and had to read rules and get a logging program before beginning
W3TBSO HP ALLW3TB Franklin TN Tennessee Contest Group
W3YJSO LP ALLFirst 50 QSO's were made with 10W and an OM0ET mag loop antenna from my deck in a suburban neighborhood near lots of brick buildings
W4EESO LP ALLFun contest
W4IDXSO LP ALLI had a great time. It was my first big effort after 20 years QRT. I need a beam. Operating on the west coast is much different than on the east coast. I missed the EU runs on 40 at night and in the morning. Lots of Asian stations I never heard back there. Maybe next year

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