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N2DEMMSHIndy 500, World 600 & nice weather leave a few minutes here and there for this contest
N3UMSO HP ALLOnly a few hours to operate this year due to family visit, but had lots of fun anyway.
N4BPSO HP 10MAt the end of the first day, I'd already broken my record set last year and expected to shatter it Sunday. I'd forgotten what a drag the second day can be! Great EU opening Saturday and apparently I worked everyone there was to work
N4IGSO LP ALLBeen having a lot of "line" noise lately. It rained on Friday afternoon and the bands were quiet until Sunday aftenoon when the noise started to build back up. The contest Gods were smiling down on Polk City.
N4OTSO QRP 15MWhat a great contest for QRP - my 1st QRP effort. Lots of strong signals with good ears, small pileups and not too crowded. Even worked a new one (TZ6DX) with my 5W!
N4TZ/9SO LP ALLAfter my flush with success last year from shattering the USA 15M LP record with over 1 megapoint in 30 hours, I decided to try LP all band. What a humbling experience! This score will be lucky to make the bottom of the LP top ten. It really hurt to hear the W4's and W5's running Russians on 10M Sunday afternoon that I couldn't hear. Guess that's why it's called a "black hole"
N4UHSO LP ALLThe one point for in-country QSOs really makes the contest very interesting
N8LM/4SO LP ALLGood propagation especially on 15/20 and amazing amount of activity
N9CIQSO QRP ALLConditions pretty good Friday night and Saturday but lousy on Sunday.
ND6ESO LP ALLThe weather was too beautiful in Santa Cruz this weekend to stay in front of the radio
NE0PSO LP ALLMy first contest using computer logging. What a great system. I did not miss using dupe sheets one bit
NJ8J/4SO HP ALLJust jumped in at the end to pick up a few countries
NM5OMSHThis time of year in TX,you gotta love the thunderstorms. We lost 5 hours with the storms and no power for 3 hrs. The tornado 2 miles away added some thrills too!
NO5WSO LP ALLNext year outside antennas and coverage of 40 & 80 meters!
NR1DXSO HP ALLMy highest QSO count in a contest. EVER.
NR4MMMHad Harry, RA3AUU, as a last minute guest. Before he left, we had him eating grits and saying "Ya'll"
NT1NSO HP ALLWhat great activity from S5! This is a great contest for a small station.
NV4XSO HP 10MHad to QRT at 0301 the first night and take XYL to hospital emergency..she's fine now! See you next year
OH6NIOSA HP ALLVery bad start as I woke up at 04Z and realized that my alarm clock did not work. I lost the only good opening on 20m.
OH9AMSHWarming up for WRTC2000!
OH9WSO HP 20MWhat a contest! Closest battle ever with OH8L! Thanks to my wife Merja, for letting me contest for another weekend
OK1MGWSO QRP 10MWonderful condx for QRP on 10 meters!
OK2SWDSO LP ALLVery good contest and perfect CQ operators. What a pity condx were not quite good.
OK5WSO HP 20MThanks to OK1KSW/OK5W group for letting me use their fine station. Thanks for a nice contest!
OM2IMSHIt was the best contest we have taken part in
ON5VLMSHFirst participation to this very nice contest. We will be there next year.
OT0ASO LP ALLNo 10m ant but good condx on 15m
OZ8AESO LP ALLSaturday turned out to be a day with very good condx. Sunday with less condx, but then openings for EU on higher bands.
PA1MRKSO LP 15MMy 1st CW contest
PY2NDXSO HP 40MTraveling to operate from PY2NY nice 40m station was very good while Vitor gone to ZX5J effort. First time like high power, lot of QSO's and so much fun. Thanks PU2VYT (PY2NY YL) for host and sharing your time to help me.
S57USO LP 80MFirst time single band on 80m. Have a lot of time for kids!
S59ASO HP ALLStrategy was wrong this time! Too much time spent on 40 and 10 meters. Could not make much better with my small 2 x 3-500Z linear amplifier.
S5ASO HP 15MSleeping all over the night and equipment failure did help to increase the score
S5CMSHNice contest. The conditions was not the best, a lot of problems forced us to use only one station, so we just operated full time one after another op. I think also there was not enough activity.
SI3SSASO HP 15MWell, the conditions didn't feel that good, but I hope the score can take this years Rookie title anyway, but single band this time.
SM3AVWSO LP ALLThis was my first CQ WPX contest! It was a nice experience, and a nice contest.
SP5GHSO HP 80MWorked HS0AC as a new one on 80.
SV/OK1YMSO HP 40MVery low activity especially from USA and a lot of noise!
TE1WSO QRP 40MMy usual score in this contest is 15 - 30K. I guess the call and the 2 ele. Yagi up 100 feet at TI5KD's QTH helped!
TI5NSO QRP ALLThanks to Keko, TI5KD for the use of his station
VA3UZSO HP ALLThanks to Dave, VE3OI for the use of his great station
VE2ZPSO HP ALLThis as great contest. Conditions were generallyquite good, there was plenty of activity. My biggest thrill was to be called by S21CW!
VE3BMVSO HP 15MWeird propagation, lack of US stations, had fun on high band for change
VE3STTSO LP 10MUnfortunately I never have enough time to compete this weekend! So, for a change of pace I decided to spend what time I have on 10 meters. LP on 10, and no chance to operate during any expected EU opening means scanning a virtually dead band most of the time. Should have been a dentist, because this is like pulling teeth!!
VE6ZTSO LP ALLAs much as I geared up for this test, my yardwork took priority.
VE7SVSO LP 10M10 meters definitely was NOT the place to be for this contest and this is the sunspot peak
VK6HGSO LP 10MWorked 3V8 for a new one!
W3BBOSO QRP ALLThanks to all the fine ops who copied my 5 watts!
W3CPSO LP 40MAbout the same number of hours and exactly the same equipment as last year, but a somewhat smaller score. Perhaps the QRN was higher or the operator is wearing out.
W4TDBSO LP ALLRotor and beam took static discharge and was stuck to Northeast. Still a lot of fun. My first contest as an extra

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