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GW7XSO HP 40MFirst CW operation from GW7X. Underestimated the effect of the D layer in summer When the rate meter changed to hours per QSO, it became obvious!
HB9ARFSO LP ALLI was using TS-940 (100 Watts) Antennas Force 12 C-4S for 10/15/20 and 40 M Butternut HF-9VX for 80 M and Long Wire for 160 M
HB9DOTSO LP ALL1. Rig, Ft-1000MP. 2. Antennas, R7000 Vertical; 80m Dipole 2.5m above ground. 3. Location, JN46US - Elev 1825 metres.
HC8NMMDE N0JK, Great Top Band conditions from HC8 the second night. G3SED had an aweso at his sunrise. Mike noted this was the loudest he had heard HC8N. KH6DX was wor worked on 160 included 9A, VK, ZL, KH6, CT and JA. Signals were great, the noise was sparse.
IH9/OL5YSO LP ALLPAUSE, 26-May-01 00,00 - 26-May-01 05,09 - 5 h, 9 min 26-May-01 22,56 - 27-May-01 03,33 - 4 h, 37 min 27-May-01 10,44 - 27-May-01 13,01 - 2 h, 17 min Total, 12 h, 3 min QSOs with ZERO points, #112, #427
IK2AITSO LP 15MWonderful band. Always open - W's and JA's at the same time!
IK4AUYSO LP ALLMy first cw only contest ever. Really I enjoyed it and at the end I was even less tired because I saved my voice for the next one in ssb!. Very nice conditions.
IR2DSO LP ALLI have lot of pfx this year due to good antenna on low band and good propagation.
IR4TSA HP ALLCategory SINGLE OPERATOR ASSISTED ALL BAND First time that I use WRITELOG... found some software "SERIAL numbering problems" due to Writelog during Test. 73 de IK4UPB @ IR4T
IS0/YO3RASO HP 80MNice Contest but terrible noise (on 80 m.)...!
J41YMSO HP ALLEquipment used, TS 850S + PA L4B , ANT 1 - 16 el. LOGPERIODIC fixly beaming to OK & USA, ANT 2 - dipole for 10m for JA/South America, ANT 3 - dipole for 80m ( I used only 100W on 80m ) TR LOG ver. 6.55 run on Notebook I think that condx were good. Especia
JA1HHUSO HP 40MEnjoy Contest
JA2KVBSO QRP ALLI could enjoy QRP with Elecraft K2.
JA3YPLSA LP ALLOP name is Akio Horie (JJ3TBB) The total rest periods are 16 hours, which are "from 0050z to 0250z on May 26", "from 0030z to 0530z on May 27", "from 0945z to 1045z on May 27", and "from 1600z to 2400z on May 27". Power output is 50 watts or less.
JA5CDLSO QRP ALLI worked QRP 4W through the contest.
JA8RWUSO HP ALLDespite my children's school sports on Sunday(same situation
JF2SKVSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest and QSO's with excellent operators. Thanks! Must improve my antenna and skill for next year. Thanks to all for contacts!
JG0OXLSO LP 15MPower Output 100W Rest Periods 5/26 05,00 TO 06,00 18,00 TO 23,00 5/27 00,00 TO 02,00
JG1EIQSO QRP ALLRig K2/5w Ant. 2ele Phased beam/Vert.
JH2NWPSO LP ALLI want to have big antennas.
JI1BBNSO LP 15M1st participation
JL6HKJSO HP ALLTransceiver, ICOM IC-775DX2 Output Power, 200 Watts Antenna, 2ele Cubical Quad 15mH
JQ1UXNSO LP ALLMaximum output power 50W Off peirods May.26 0244-0505z, 2015-2315z, May.27 0112-0537z, 0638-0738z, 0811-0911z, 0949-1049z
JR1UMOSO LP ALL50W output exch No 027 is duplex. 9A1AYZ is no count.
JR3RWBSO QRP 10MHeavy QRM from CB stations on FM
K0COP/4SO LP ALLBand condx were fb. Too bad I had to work.,Hi. Used Kenwood 940S, WriteLog software. Small dipole on porch.
K1GUSO LP ALLAll wires all the time. 40m delta, 20-15-10m dipole. TS-850SAT. Writelog
K1MW/4SO LP 15MI recently joined PVRC and rekindled an old interest in contesting. This is my first contest log submission since the 70's.
K2BA/5SO HP 20MFT1000MP MARK V SB220 & 5EL MONO @ 150 FT
K2CSSO QRP 10M5 watts and a 40m dipole (on 10m!)... doesn't get any better than this!
K2CYSO QRP ALLI had a great time! Conditions seemed to be excellent on 15 and 20 meters!
K2NV/VE3SO LP ALLMemorial Day weekend weather was lousy. What better way to enjoy your sailboat than to operate the WPX contest from the dock/VE3 while the XYL reads a book? Great fun! Tony K2NV/VE3
K2URSO LP ALLIndoor antennas and self imposed quiet hours from apartment
K2XRMSHGreat fun, will be back next year.
K3TWSO QRP 15MGreat conditions. It was fun to work all continents on 21 MHz with just five watts.
K4IESO LP ALLBiggest effort I've made in WPX. Still way behind the competition.
K4RFKSO LP ALLI love the CW contests, I just wish my CW skills were better. All those 30+wpm
K4ROSO HP ALLGood to be back on the air.
K4UYSO HP ALLI've been on the air since 1959 and this is my first contest where I actually submitted a log. I learned a lot from this contest but I also realize that there is so much more to learn about contesting. I can't wait to do it again!
K5OISO QRP ALLExchange sent - 599 plus QSO number 1-70 Rig, Elecraft K2 @ 4.9 watts to 40M dipole
K6CSLSO LP ALLThis is a personal best score. This is from my new station in Oakdale CA. Even a little station can work DX.
K6GTSO HP ALLMy weekend was "overbooked" in airline parlance. Still, I managed to get on here and there, S&P only, and worked some nice DX... I got 2 new ones (5X1Z and HZ1AB). Nothing broke, and I had no trouble working anybody I called, and that's a good fe
K6RBSO HP ALLThe action was definitely on 15 in California.
K7JJSO LP ALLVisiting in Nevada. Brought TS-850S and old trap vertical. What can I say? I think conditions were good, but hard to tell with no gain.
K7ONSO LP 15MConditions were good, but maybe not as good as last year. Operated FT-920 100w with KLM 15M6 and Cushcraft X-9 antennas.
K7RESO QRP ALLIt was amazing to me that a QRP station with average antennas could be this competitive. I really enjoyed having the great ears hear out there my signal.
KF2OSA HP ALLContest should move away from Memorial Day weekend and into better propagation time frame.
KG1DSO HP ALLHardest decision was when to take off-time
KJ5TFSO QRP ALLI took the milliwatt challange and ran a maximum of 750mW. My rig is Elecraft K2 20M half square, 10-15M 2 el quad at 70ft.

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