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W6TKSO HP ALLFun as always. Bands seemed "flatter" than hoped for. Got panicky the first evening when I couldn't find the JA boys. Finally found them later in contest. They really do help us(me) "left coasters"
W7DRA/C6ASO LP 40MAfter many weeks of discussion with Mrs Whyn of Nassau PUD, Carnival Cruise Line and the Fantasy Purser and Radio Officer, I was allowed to operate from 8PM to 3AM local time Friday night with a power of 20 watts from the children's play area in the back of the ship. With my HW16 and HG10 VFO and a 60' wire hung off the stern, I could work'em as fast as I could push my J38!
W8AVSA HP ALLOn the whole, conditions were not quite as good as last year. Also had to deal with rain static on Sunday for most of the day that made copy quite difficult
W8VESO LP ALLThanks for contest. 10 meters wasn't nearly as good as SSB WPX. So my 10 meter count was down. Maybe it is due to the time of year. Thanks for new category!! It is a good idea for us guys on a small lot in the suburbs.
W9PNESO QRP ALLTrying mostly for new countries with miliwatts (20mw out). Now have 74 confirmed
WD0AVV/6SO LP ALLHad lots of fun. I just wish 10 mtrs would have been better. Look forward to next year.
WD6DXSO LP 10MOnce again the flux was over 150 but still didn't work any EU on 10 meters. It felt like I was operating in last year's contest.
WF2BSA HP ALLI had planned a more extensive effort, however due to a sudden problem arising at work, I had to scale back my efforts. Thought band conditions were strange, but still managed fairly decent run rates.
WK6LA/1MSHThis was a "practice" session for WRTC. East coast contesting sure is different!!!
WS7VSO LP ALLUsed a new rig and new software for my fist WPX CW test. Took me an hour to make the first contact. Nothing like a challenge
WW4RRSO HP 15MThunder, tornado and power outage put me off the air, but will be back next year. Great contest and lots of fun.
WY2OOO/4MMThis was the Carolina DX Assn's attempt to provide the WY2 prefix and the WY2OOO call/QSL card to any and all who desire it
WY6KSO HP 15MA bit rusty after 10 years or so of very little CW work
WZ7ZRSO HP ALLFirst contest at new location. Certainly not as much fun as being at XE2DV. This was station shakedown and I found lots of things to change. It was also the first contest I have done in 40 years with just a VERTICAL. I know now where there is not a reflector site called "Vertical talk"!
YB0ZZSO HP ALLBad propagation on 28 MHz. Still had noise on 14 MHz and 21 MHz, best WPX contest in 2000
YL4UMSHOld timers team was operate in old fashion style without using of any tricks, like packetcluster etc. Inspite of bad propagation result is not very bad.
YQ0KARSO LP ALLYQ0KAR is a special call for YO2KAR for 40 years of activity.
YU7SFSO LP 10MThis is my 23rd CQ WPX Contest and my 2,210 th contest log entry overall.
Z30MMSHWhat two operators can do more without cluster and multiplier station? Short skip help us to make many EU QSOs on high bands. See you all guys in Slovenia.
Z35MSO HP 80MThis was first ever use of Z35 prefix. I was new multiplier to all stations I worked!
Z37ASO LP 15MIt was nice to operate with nice callsign.

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