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4F1RWWMSHWe had been strongly hit by bad luck this time and operated more for fun at the end not serious any more. The 1000MP lost it's display, a lightening stroke in the tower, no damage good grounding.
4N1SMSA LP 10MBad propagations, for the first time I had to use DX cluster
6Y8AMSHIt was fun to be neck and neck in QSO's with HC8N! Too bad we were in a "half point" country
8S5XMMAll yagi's mounted on a single 42 meter rotating tower. Using only 1 direction for all yagi's caused some fights between the operators
AI7BSO HP ALLCondx sucked, especially 10M. No way to compete from the NW! Participation seemed down..is this the beginning of the end for CW contests??
C4ASO HP ALLWhile trying to break my 1992 P31A record, I broke my Schurr paddle instead
CO8ZZSO LP 80MSuper bad DX conditions during all the contest on 80 meters!
DK5ADSO HP ALLExcellent CONDX! Never thought I could make over 1K QSOs and over 1M points with vertical antennas
DL/K3TW/MSO QRP 20MI had a great time working the USA from my bycycle mobile station
DU7MHASO LP ALLGreat contest/great fun, good condx and worked all states. Thanks for the wonderful WPX contest. Special tnx to my XYL 4F7MHN, for keeping the coffees coming.
F5PBLSO LP ALLI had a lot of fun!! Tnx a lot!
F6IIESO LP 10MTen is always great fun if you can enter only for a few hours in the contest.
F6JSZSO LP ALLA fine contest as usual. Lots of interesting DX to work (new ones galore!). However, propagation with the East coast of the US wasn't as productive as it usually is.
G0MTNSO LP 10MSomeone has stolen 10m and replaced it with another band!
G3LHJSO QRP 20MCondx not so good this year. Found it hard going on QRP for the DX, but all good fun and picked up a few new QRP countries.
G3OOUSO LP ALLThis really is the best contest of the year with plenty to work. The bands were better than last year with most bands showing activity through the night.
G3TXFSO HP ALLMadness or what? Arrived home on the Saturday morning from Australia after a three-week absence on a DX-pedition to Wallis (FW) and immediately dived into 17 hours of activity in the WPX CW Contest
G3ZRJSO HP ALLWho stole the ionosphere this year??
G6QQSO LP ALLSpent about same time as last year (13 hrs) but score not quite as good. More mults but fewer QSO's and not so many from USA nor from 40.
GM4HQFSO QRP ALLI have trouble working Western Russia, Glapagos Isl no problem!
IH9/OL5YSO LP ALLMy first LP expedition. I like it! Much less equipment, no power generator, much less weight, and lot of fun! Everyone should think about it.
IK4MTFSO HP ALLPropagation very good, specially in the fist day. Thanks a lot to my YL Donna for help during the contest
IS0/YO3RASO HP 40MWanted to go far, but my computer had a different opinion.
IT9BLBSA HP 15MI had less than 16 hours to enjoy the contest but it's always a must in the calendar!
JE1REUSO LP ALLMy first experience worked 36 hours. I enjoyed this contest very much
JE1SPYSO LP 160MOn 1 April our JA amateurs became able to use 1810-1825 KHz. I call CQ on 1810 during sunrise time of the USA west coast but I could not QSO any stations and not hear any. I could hear AI7B & WL7E on 80m band but I could not hear them on 160.
JH4UYBSO HP ALLAlthough condx was not so good, I have broken my JA record.
JQ1UXNSO LP ALLI enjoyed WPX CW as well as WPX SSB contest very much. I will take part in WPX contests next year.
K0OUSO HP ALLT-storms during weekend created havoc and made 80 & 160 useless. The other bands were ok altho 10 didn't open up for us west of the Mississippi. The Europeans on 10 Saturday morning sounded the same whether beaming direct or skewed path over Africa.
K1JT/2SO LP ALLFirst WPX contest ever - great fun! Should have paid more attention to the rules before starting; would have spent more time on the low bands
K4WISO HP 10MEven though propagation was poor, I was able to run EU Saturday until 2200 GMT but no JA's from here. Sunday was really slow but I had fun anyway. Thanks everyone
K5RXSO HP ALLWorse than last year - didn't finish antenna work until nearly 4 hours after contest start! Storm fried lightning protector and damaged relays on tower necessitating nighttime tower climb
K7AWMSHOh to be in the Caribbean again running 10 meters!!
KB1HMSHThis was a very light effort. Basically "hey can I come play radio for a while?" was asked by a few of the regular barnstormers.
KC7JEF/MMSO LP ALLOperated near Iran
KE9EXSO LP ALLOH0, E41, TZ6 & OD5 - pretty good for casual contesting.
KG5USO QRP ALLFun! Fun! Fun! But, lot's of room for improvement on my part!! As usual.
KH6NDSO HP 10MNorth-south was working, east-west wasn't. Very very slow from here
KJ9CSO LP ALLJust for fun. A few hours between house/yard chores and Indy 500. Mostly S&P
KN7YSO LP ALLThe anticipation was for better conditions and a higher score, but I was barely able to hold onto a score close to last year's!
KT0RSO HP ALLGreat contest. Always enjoy this one.
KV8QSO LP 40MU was hard to come by, especially the first night. One KH6, one VK and that was all from the Pacific. But wait, there's always next year!
KW9DXMSHK7BV and K9ZO got together for a warm up for WRTC. K9SD was an excellent host. Conditions were very noisy on 20 at night and we had to QRT due to thunderstorms.
KY5NSO LP 15MAlmost all QSO's were search and pounce
L99DSO HP ALLThanks to LU7DW, LU6EBY, LU9DMC. Operated from my father's workshop in the middle of the city. Too much line and car transit noise, and very limited space, couldn't use computer logging due to this. Still had fun as always
LW8EXFSO LP ALLI work with 100 watts and multiband vertical training my self for WRTC.
LY2OXSO HP ALLI've got two targets, make over 2K QSO and 3M points. First was achieved, as good 10m sporadic opening second day helped to make cheap but quick QSO's; but worse than normal propagation to USA especially 15m second day killed my 3M target.
M0OSO QRP ALLThanks again to everyone who I managed to work. Beat my number of QSO's this time.
M4TSO LP 20MThe best contest I have entered since I have been licensed.
N2CUSO LP ALLChores + no amp + bad condx + no time = my score


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