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Nov 9

As part of the ongoing effort to automate the log checking process for the CQ WPX Contest, one of the big issues has been the variety of club names, spellings, and abbreviations that appear in the Cabrillo files. It literally takes hours to try to go through the listings and do the research to assign each log to the correct club.

There are two things that would greatly simplify this part of the process:

  • Entrants would spell out their complete club name (no acronyms)
  • Club names would be spelled out in a consistent way

To encourage this help from contest entrants, I have begun development of an “official” list of contest club names. You can view the list at http://www.cqwpx.com/clubnames.htm

Please take a moment to find your club on the list and let me know if there are any errors or there is a more accepted spelling of the club name. The goal is to have the names on the list be what the club members want to use in their log and how they want the club name to appear in the magazine results.

To further encourage the use of the full club names, the log submission robot will start comparing the club names to those on this list. If a match is not found, the submitter will receive a warning message in the acknolwedgement email. We are hoping this will remind people to help us by resubmitting with the correct name.

No log will be rejected if the club name does not match. There are hundreds of clubs around the world that may not be on the list and we welcome club score submissions from any of them. The official list is for those clubs that expect to submit 3 or more entries to the contest and be eligible for inclusion in the magazine results. 

The one exception that will not be handled by the club list is for multi-op entries that want to apply their score to more than one club.  In these cases, please indicate the club names and percentage of the score that should go to each club.  You will receive the warning message, but don’t worry, we will manually handle these few logs when we compile the final club scores.  Remember, only multi-op entries can apply their score to more than one club based on the club membership of the operators that participated. 


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