By Ray Conrad, NM2O

This report presents an analysis of the active USA prefixes in the 2022 WPX SSB contest.

The FCC could possibly issue 930 prefixes. Of these, 820 are in the “lower 48.”
Some prefixes such as NP0 and NP1 have no calls issued now and may have never been issued.

This analysis of callsigns is based upon a master file received from AA3B, the WPX SSB/CW Director. The table was prepared using a custom data analysis script written by N3QE. Thanks to Bud and Tim.

Of the 930 possible prefixes, 480 were active and 450 were inactive. 248 prefixes had only one active station. The activity drops off for two or more stations.

N3 is the most popular US prefix with 41 instances. The “traditional prefixes” such as K1, N1, and W1 are well represented with more than 20 active stations.

Here’s the table of active prefixes. The blanks (holes) represent inactive prefixes. There are patterns of holes.

AA0 AA1 AA2 AA3 AA4 AA5 AA6     AA8 AA9          
    AB1 AB2 AB3 AB4 AB5 AB6 AB7 AB8 
AC0 AC1 AC2 AC3 AC4         AC7 AC8 AC9   
AD0 AD1 AD2     AD4 AD5         AD8  
AE0 AE1 AE2     AE4 AE5 AE6     AE8 AE9
        AF2     AF4 AF5 AF6 AF7     AF9    
                        AH6 AH7   
AI0 AI1 AI2     AI4 AI5 AI6 AI7 AI8   
AJ0         AJ3 AJ4     AJ6         AJ9  
AK0 AK1     AK3 AK4 AK5 AK6         AK9 
    AL1 AL2                 AL7   
K0  K1  K2  K3  K4  K5  K6  K7  K8  K9   
KA0 KA1 KA2 KA3 KA4 KA5 KA6 KA7 KA8 KA9 
KB0 KB1 KB2 KB3 KB4     KB6 KB7 KB8 KB9  
KC0 KC1 KC2 KC3 KC4     KC6 KC7 KC8 KC9 
KD0     KD2 KD3 KD4 KD5 KD6 KD7 KD8 KD9  
KE0 KE1 KE2 KE3 KE4 KE5 KE6 KE7 KE8     
KF0     KF2 KF3 KF4 KF5 KF6 KF7 KF8 KF9    
    KG1     KG3 KG4 KG5 KG6 KG7     KG9 
        KH2             KH6 KH7      
    KI1 KI2     KI4 KI5 KI6 KI7 KI8  
KJ0             KJ4 KJ5 KJ6 KJ7     KJ9 
        KK2     KK4 KK5 KK6 KK7    
    KL1 KL2         KL5     KL7           
    KM1 KM2     KM4     KM6 KM7     KM9 
KN0     KN2     KN4 KN5 KN6 KN7 KN8     
            KO3 KO4             KO8 KO9 
        KP2 KP3 KP4                     
    KQ1 KQ2 KQ3                         
KR0 KR1     KR3 KR4 KR5         
        KS2 KS3 KS4         KS7         
    KT1     KT3 KT4 KT5 KT6 KT7          
    KU1 KU2     KU4     KU6     KU8     
KV0 KV1 KV2     KV4             KV8      
KW0             KW4     KW6     KW8 KW9  
        KX2     KX4             KX8     
KY0             KY4         KY7     KY9 
    KZ1     KZ3     KZ5         KZ8 KZ9  
N0  N1  N2  N3  N4  N5  N6  N7  N8  N9   
                NA4     NA6     NA8 NA9 
    NB1     NB3 NB4                      
NC0 NC1         NC4         NC7     NC9  
ND0 ND1 ND2 ND3             ND7 ND8 
    NE1     NE3 NE4         NE7 NE8 NE9  
            NF3 NF4 NF5 NF6     NF8 NF9  
NG0 NG1 NG2 NG3         NG6     
                        NH6 NH7         
NI0             NI4    
    NJ1                 NJ6     NJ8  
        NK2     NK4 NK5         NK8  
                            NL7 NL8                                                                                               NM9  
NN0     NN2 NN3 NN4     NN6 NN7 NN8 NN9 
            NO3                     NO9
            NP3 NP4      
            NQ3 NQ4 NQ5         NQ8 NQ9 
            NR3 NR4     NR6 NR7          
NS0 NS1 NS2 NS3 NS4                      
NT0         NT3     NT5 NT6              
NU0     NU2 NU3 NU4 NU5     NU7     
                NV4                 NV9  
NW0     NW2 NW3     NW5 NW6         
            NX3 NX4     NX6 NX7 NX8 NX9  
NY0 NY1 NY2 NY3 NY4         NY7     NY9 
        NZ2                 NZ7          
W0  W1  W2  W3  W4  W5  W6  W7  W8  W9   
WA0 WA1 WA2 WA3 WA4 WA5 WA6 WA7 WA8 WA9  
WB0 WB1 WB2     WB4 WB5 WB6 WB7 WB8 WB9  
            WC3 WC4 WC5 WC6     WC8 WC9  
WD0             WD4 WD5 WD6 WD7 WD8 WD9 
        WE2         WE5 WE6 WE7 WE8 WE9  
WF0         WF3         WF6     WF8 WF9 
                WG4         WG7          
        WH2             WH6 WH7          
WI0         WI3             WI7     WI9  
WJ0 WJ1         WJ4                     
    WK1 WK2         WK5     WK7      
WM0         WM3                    
        WN2 WN3 WN4     WN6 WN7 WN8    
    WO1 WO2     WO4         WO7    
        WP2 WP3 WP4                
                    WQ5 WQ6         WQ9 
        WR2     WR4             WR8 WR9 
                WS4 WS5     WS7     WS9  
WT0 WT1         WT4             WT8   
    WV1 WV2                              
WW0     WW2 WW3 WW4 WW5     WW7          
WX0         WX3 WX4         WX7 
WZ0 WZ1         WZ4 WZ5 WZ6 WZ7 WZ8

The table presents the number of active prefixes in each call area of the 93 possible prefixes. 93 prefixes are possible in the 2nd call area where AH2, KL2, KP2, NP2 and WP2 calls are issued.

The number of active stations per prefix.

Let me know if you have a question about a specific prefix.


Ray Conrad, NM2O