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Sep 30

Log Check Reports for all entrants to the 2012 WPX CW Contest are now available. An email with a link to the Log Check Report has been sent to everyone who submitted a log. The emails include a private link to the report file.  If you submitted a log and did not receive an email, you might want to check your junk mail folder. You may also request your report from director@cqwpx.com.

We did a deeper level of log checking this year than ever before. There were 22,107 QSOs with unique callsigns among the 2,835,110 QSOs.  83.8% of those unique QSOs were determined to be incorrect.  The median score reduction was 9.4%.  WPX is usually a little higher than other contests since many busted calls create prefix multipliers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in WPX CW 2012.  The official results will appear in the March 2013 issue of CQ Magazine and on the CQ WPX Contest web site www.cqwpx.com.

Sep 27

The log checking process for the 2012 CQ WPX SSB Contest is now complete. A few statistics from the log checking software.

    5,365 logs total
2,866,408 qso total
   35,204 different calls credited
      211 different countries
   34,831 ( 1.2%) qso with unique calls
   25,908 (74.4%) unique calls busted
   14,551 ( 0.5%) dupes
      595 ( 0.0%) Cabrillo format errors
2,232,220 (77.9%) qso checked against another log
2,131,826 (95.5%) qso good when checked against another log
   43,705 ( 2.0%) busted calls
   52,618 ( 2.4%) busted exchange
    8,628 ( 0.4%) not in log

The final results article will appear in the January 2013 issue of CQ Magazine.  If I can find time to get it done…

Have you ever wanted to take the keyboard and report the results of a major DX contest?  We are looking for someone to take on the magazine article for either SSB or CW or both. Please contact k5zd@cqwpx.com if you want to help!

Everyone who submitted a log should have received an email with a link to their log checking report.  If you did not receive yours please contact director@cqwpx.com.


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