WPX SSB and CW Plaque Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks to the efforts of Doug, K1DG, the list of WPX SSB and CW Plaques and Sponsors has been updated.  Please see: https://www.cqwpx.com/plaques/

CQ plaques are highly valued by recipients and are prominently displayed in contester shacks around the globe.  A review of the WPX SSB and CW Plaque List reveals that several are currently available for sponsorship.  Sponsoring a plaque is an opportunity to highlight a Club or Team, remember a silent key, or give back to the contest community.  The process is easy and outlined at the bottom of the webpage noted above.  Plaque sponsors and recipients are highlighted in the results articles published in CQ, in addition to appearing at https://www.cqwpx.com/plaques/

Please reach out to plaques@cqwpx.com if you are interested in being a plaque sponsor and thanks for your consideration.

CW 2020 Raw Scores now Online

The raw scores for the 2020 WPX CW are now available online at https://cqwpx.com/raw.htm?mode=cw.

The listing shows scores as calculated by the WPX log checking software prior to any checking. This should give participants a good indication of their category placement at the World, Continent, or Country level.  Score reductions of 2% to 15% (or more) are possible, so we will have to wait for the log checking process before final results can be announced.

Please check that your entry is in the correct category. Report any errors or questions to director@cqwpx.com.  Do NOT resubmit your log to ‘fix’ any problems!

We had a record number of log submissions with 5,566 received to date. Thanks to everyone who submitted their log.

No Changes to the 2020 CQ WW WPX Rules due to COVID-19

There are no changes to the published rules for CQ WW WPX.

All multi-operator categories will be permitted in the 2020 running of WPX CW, as they were for WPX SSB.  Operators should follow their local government’s guidance regarding social distancing.

Use of remote technologies is encouraged as means of addressing social distancing requirements.