New Club Scores Page

The club competition in the CQ WPX Contest allows club members to combine their scores from both modes to generate a total score from all members. It is a fun side competition that helps promote more activity in the contest.

There has always been some question about how the club scores were calculated.  Many clubs want to see how their members contributed to the total.

We have added a new club score page to the web site.  Go to and select the year.  You will see a list of all clubs listed by score.  Click on the score for any club to see a detailed breakdown of how that score was calculated.

For CQ WPX RTTY, go to

Any club can have their club name and total appear in the results just by following a few simple rules.

A. USA Clubs: Participation is limited to club members residing within a 250-mile radius circle from the center of club area.

B. DX Clubs: Participation is limited to club members residing within EITHER the DXCC country where the club is located OR within a 400 km radius circle from the center of club.

A minimum of four logs must be received for a club to be listed in the results. Checklog entries are not counted for the club score.

For an entry to count for the club, you must enter the club name in the Cabrillo file. We use that information to calculate the club score.

Single operator entrants are only allowed to enter for one club.  Multi-operator entries may have their score split among several clubs based on the number of eligible operators.

Please please please spell out your club name.  Many clubs have the same abbreviation and we don’t always know what club you are supporting.

If a multi-op decides to split the score, they can indicate this in the Cabrillo file.  Here are some examples of how we would like to see the split indicated:

Example 1:


In this example, the multi-op had 3 operators.  Two were from YCCC and 1 was from ICC.

Example 2:


In this example the multi-op had 7 operators.  Only 6 of the operators were members of PVRC.

By indicating the split on number of ops, it makes it easier for us to confirm what you intended.

The scores in the new club listings may not match what appeared in the original results.  The club scores are derived from the information in the score database. The database may not have the same splits or club names as we had when the results were calculated.  If you think we have made an error, please contact the Contest Director.


CQ WPX High QSO Rate Records

The high QSO rates for CQ WPX SSB/CW logs are now available at .

The QSO rates are calculated from the public logs (we are working backwards from 2017). QSOs are counted before dupes and before log checking. We look for the highest QSO count within a 60 minute period in the log. While a log may have several high rate periods, only the highest one is shown in the results.

The QSO Rates page allows you to look at highest rates by category, by continent, and by country. A search function allows you to search for an entry callsign and see the highest rates found for that call.

With the extra effort of copying the serial number for each QSO, the WPX rates are generally not as high as seen in other contests such as CQ WW.

Please send any comments or questions to


2017 SSB Raw Scores Available

The raw scores for the 2017 WPX SSB Contest are now available
online at

The listing shows raw scores as calculated by the WPX log checking software
prior to any checking. This should give participants a good indication of
their category placement at the World, Continent, or Country level.  Score
reductions of 2% to 15% (or more) are possible, so we will have to wait for
the log checking process before final results can be announced.

Please check that your entry is in the correct category. Report any errors
or questions to  Do NOT resubmit your log to ‘fix’
any problems!