CQ to Limit Contest Participation by Stations in Russia, Belarus and Donbas Region Due to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Contact: Rich Moseson, W2VU, Editor


(Northport, NY 17 March, 2022) – CQ Communications, Inc., publishers of CQ Amateur Radio magazine and sponsor of the CQ World Wide DX and WPX Contests, announced today that in light of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and Belarus, it will not accept competitive entries in any of its sponsored contests by amateur radio stations in Russia, Belarus or the separatist Donbas region of Ukraine (unofficial D1 prefix). Logs submitted by these stations will be accepted only as checklogs. In addition, contacts with these stations by other participants will have zero point value and will not count as multipliers.

This is in line with a similar action taken by the Radio Society of Great Britain, following the lead of other international sports federations around the world.

“We regret the need to take this action,” said CQ Publisher Richard Ross, K2MGA, “and recognize that the vast majority of our fellow amateurs who are affected by it are innocent bystanders who had no role in their government’s decision to invade another sovereign country. However, in light of the great suffering being inflicted without cause on the people of Ukraine by Russia’s leaders, we cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing.”

The CQ policy will take effect with the 2022 CQ WPX SSB Contest on March 26 and 27. Future events will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation at that time.

New Youth Overlay Category for 2022

We are pleased to announce that the updated rules for the CQ WW WPX SSB and CW contests include a new Youth Overlay for participants that are 25 years or under on day 1 of the contest.  The Youth Overlay scores will be highlighted in the final results, along with the Classic, Rookie and Tri-Bander/Wires Overlay scores.

The updated rules for 2022 are available at https://www.cqwpx.com/rules.htm in English and several other languages.


CQ WPX Committee

Raw Scores for the 2021 CQ WPX CW Contest

The raw scores for the 2021 CQ WPX CW contest are now available online at < https://www.cqwpx.com/raw.htm?mode=cw >.

The raw scores are calculated prior to log checking. This should give participants a good indication of their category placement at the World, Continent, or Country level.  Score reductions of 2% to 15% (or more) are possible, so the log checking process must be completed before final results can be announced.

Please check that your entry is in the correct category. Report any errors or questions to < director@cqwpx.com >. Do NOT resubmit your log to ‘fix’ any problems!

Over 6,500 operators participated in CQ WPX CW in 2021; this is the highest participation level ever recorded.  Thank you for submitting your log!


CQ WPX Contest Committee