WPX Rules for 2013

The updated rules for the 2013 WPX Contest (SSB/CW) are now available on the web site at http://www.cqwpx.com/rules.htm.

The English version shows the changes marked in red text. A brief summary of the changes:

IV(c) – Clarifies that power is measured at the output of the transmitter/amplifier.

IV(f) – Adds text that prohibits use of remote receivers away from the operating site.

IV(h) – New rule that requires stations using more than one transmitter on a band to have a mechanical lockout in order to prevent more than one transmitted signal at a time.

IV(i) – New rule that prohibits correction of call signs after the contest by using outside databases or other sources of information.

VB(c) – Adds QRP Assisted category.

XI(b) and (c) – Clarifies how club scores will be counted for DXpeditions and multi-operator stations.

XI(f) – Provides new address for mailing paper logs.

XV – The log deadline is now 5 days after the end of the contest.

If you have questions about the rules, please visit the WPX Rules FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer there you can send your question to questions@cqwpx.com.

The rules are available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese.  Special thanks to the translators who have helped to make the rules available in other languages.

  • German – Wolfgang Schwarz, DK9VZ
  • Spanish – Pedro L. Vadillo, EA4KD
  • French – Jacques Saget, F6BEE
  • Russian – Vladimir Sidarau, VE3IAE
  • Arabic – Ashraf Chaabane, KF5EYY
  • Chinese – Dai Dan, BD4WM
  • Japanese – Kazunori Watanabe, JK3GAD
  • Italian – Roberto (Bob) Soro, I2WIJ
  • Portuguese – Marcos Vaz Nogueira, PY2WS

Please send any comments or corrections about the translations to director@cqwpx.com.

CQ Magazine to adopt 5 day log submission deadline

CQ Magazine has announced that all of the CQ family of contests will adopt a 5 day deadline for log submissions. This new policy will be effective beginning with the CQ WW RTTY Contest 2012.

The new policy will be in place for the CQ WPX Contest in 2013. Electronic logs must be received within 5 days to be eligible for awards. Paper logs must be post marked within 5 days of the contest.

Most entrants already submit their log within a few days. WPX SSB 2012 had 3,025 logs submitted within 72 hours. WPX CW had 2,660 logs received within 5 days.

We understand there may be some travelers or DXpeditions that will not be able to meet the new deadline. Anyone can request an extension by sending an email to the Director before the log deadline.

We still want to receive as many logs as possible. Logs will be accepted after the deadline, but they will not be eligible for certificates or awards.

Proposed rule change for WPX 2013:

XV. Deadline: All entries must be emailed or postmarked NO LATER than April 6, 2013 for SSB section and June 1, 2013 for the CW section. Logs emailed or postmarked after the deadline may be ineligible for any awards.

An extension of up to 10 days may be given if requested by e-mail (director@cqwpx.com). The granted extension must be received before the log deadline, must state a legitimate reason, and must be confirmed by the Contest Director.

2012 WPX Contest Rule Changes

The rules for the CQ WPX Contest for 2012 are now available. They can be viewed at http://www.cqwpx.com/rules.htm. Significant changes include the following:


(c) Entrants must not exceed the maximum output power specified by their license, or the power limit of their entry category, whichever is less, on any band. Power is measured at the final output connector of the transmitter.


There was some question as to whether power is measured at the transmitter or at the antenna. This rule clarifies that power is measured at the output of the transmitter or transmitter/amplifier.


C. Single Operator Overlay Categories: Single Operator entrants may also submit their log for one of the categories shown below by adding an additional line in the Cabrillo log file header called CATEGORY-OVERLAY. All Overlay entries are grouped into high power and low power in the results.


This rule clarifies how the Overlay categories are scored for awards.  The Overlay categories combine single operator and single operator assisted into one category divided into high and low power. QRP scores are counted as low power.


(b) Participation is limited to members residing in or operating from a local geographic area defined as within a 275 km radius from center of club area (exception: DXpeditions specially organized for operation in the contest and manned by members).


The club competition exists to provide clubs with a fun operating activity and to encourage club members to participate in the contest. The distance limitation was causing difficulty for some clubs in less populated areas. The rules still require members to operate in a local geographic area, but now this will be determined by the Director rather than by a specific distance limit.


(b) Single band entrants are required to include all contacts made during the contest period, even if on other bands. Only contacts made on the band specified in the Cabrillo header or summary sheet will be considered for scoring purposes. Logs with contacts only on one band will be classified as single band entries.


This adds to the rules a practice that has been done for several years.


XV. Deadline: All entries must be emailed or postmarked NO LATER than April 18, 2012 for SSB section and June 20, 2012 for the CW section. Logs emailed or postmarked after the deadline may be ineligible for any awards.


The log deadline has been reduced to three weeks after the contest.

Please direct any questions about the WPX Contest rules to