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Aug 8

In response to many requests we have enhanced the online certificates to include the Overlay categories. Entrants who have entered their log in an Overlay category (Tribander/Single-Element or Rookie) will see a second link on the certificate printing page that enables them to view their certificate.

The Overlay categories group all entries into High and Low power classes for awards. The certificates for high scorers show the ranking for local area (country), continent, and world. Because of these two points, the ranking may be different for the Overlay categories than it was for the standard entry. This enhancement allows both certificates to show the correct rankings.

Online certificates are available for all entries from 2007 and later. Go to the online score database (http://www.cqwpx.com/score_db.htm) and search for your entry. Follow the [Cert] link at the right side of the score line to go to the Certificates page. Online certificates are delivered as pdf files and can be printed on any color printer or saved to disk. You will need Adobe Reader to view the files.

There were a number of changes to the underlying code to produce the Overlay certificates. Please report any errors or other feedback to director@cqwpx.com.

Thanks to Tom Morrison, K5TM, for developing the code that enables the online certificates.

Jul 22

CQ Magazine has announced that all of the CQ family of contests will adopt a 5 day deadline for log submissions. This new policy will be effective beginning with the CQ WW RTTY Contest 2012.

The new policy will be in place for the CQ WPX Contest in 2013. Electronic logs must be received within 5 days to be eligible for awards. Paper logs must be post marked within 5 days of the contest.

Most entrants already submit their log within a few days. WPX SSB 2012 had 3,025 logs submitted within 72 hours. WPX CW had 2,660 logs received within 5 days.

We understand there may be some travelers or DXpeditions that will not be able to meet the new deadline. Anyone can request an extension by sending an email to the Director before the log deadline.

We still want to receive as many logs as possible. Logs will be accepted after the deadline, but they will not be eligible for certificates or awards.

Proposed rule change for WPX 2013:

XV. Deadline: All entries must be emailed or postmarked NO LATER than April 6, 2013 for SSB section and June 1, 2013 for the CW section. Logs emailed or postmarked after the deadline may be ineligible for any awards.

An extension of up to 10 days may be given if requested by e-mail (director@cqwpx.com). The granted extension must be received before the log deadline, must state a legitimate reason, and must be confirmed by the Contest Director.

Jul 2

Claimed scores for both modes of the WPX Contest 2012 have been updated to include all logs received. This will be the final version of the claimed scores for 2012.

SSB: http://www.cqwpx.com/claimed.htm?mode=ph

CW: http://www.cqwpx.com/claimed.htm?mode=cw

Please confirm your score is included and report any category or other errors to K5ZD. (Note that Checklogs are not included in the claimed scores.)

New records for log submissions on both modes.  5,362 logs on SSB and 4,297 on CW.  Still a chance for a few more paper logs on CW…

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