CQ WPX SSB/CW Rules 2011 Announced

The rules for the 2011 edition of the CQ WPX Contest are now available on the web site at www.cqwpx.com/rules. Please note the following changes:

  • Rule XIII is modified to adopt the yellow card and red card system introduced by the CQWW Contest for rule violations.
  • Paper logs should now be sent directly to the WPX Director instead of CQ Magazine.

There was considerable discussion around changes to the Club Competition rules but no decision was reached.  The Club rules remain the same for 2011.

We are pleased to provide the rules in English + 11 languages thanks to the following volunteers.
German – Wolfgang Schwarz, DK9VZ
Spanish – Pedro L. Vadillo, EA4KD
French – Jacques Saget, F6BEE
Japanese – Kazunori Watanabe, JK3GAD
Russian – Alex Tkatch, KU1CW
Chinese – Dai Dan, BD4WM
Czech-Slovak – Zdeněk Šebek, OK1DSZ
Greek – George Vlachopoulos, SV1RP
Italian – Bob Soro, I2WIJ
Portuguese – Marcos Vaz Nogueira, PY2WS
Swedish – Göran Fagerström, SM0DRD

Please let me know if you you have any feedback on the translations or would like to help with translation to other languages.

Hope to see everyone in the WPX SSB Contest the weekend of March 26-27, 2011.