I am sorry to report the following error(s) made in the 2010 WPX SSB Contest results.

1. The winner of the plaque for Multi-Multi Europe should be DR1A.

EUROPE: Rick Dougherty, NQ4I Trophy. Won by: DR1A operated by DB6JG, DF3KV, DF6JC, DJ6ET, DJ7EG, DJ7EO, DK1II, DK2CX, DK6WL, DK6XZ, DL1MGB, DL3DXX, DL6FBL, DL8DYL, DL8WPX, JK3GAD, SV2KBS

2. A new plaque sponsored by KG1E was left out of the results.

WORLD Tribander/Single-Element Low Power: Alex M Jozsa, KG1E Trophy. Won by: John Barcroft, NX6T

Further corrections will be posted to the 2010 SSB corrections page.