The public logs and log checking reports for the 2011 CQ WPX CW Contest are now available from the web site. Everyone who submitted a log was sent an email with the encrypted URL to view their log checking report.  If you did not receive yours please send a request to

All public logs may be viewed at Note: Logs submitted as checklogs are not included in the public logs.

We received some detailed feedback from HS0ZDY and RZ3AZ about their log checking reports.  They pointed out a small error that we have corrected.  The log checking reports on the site show the updated scores.  You can view the new report on the same url as the original report.  Take a look and see if your score went up!

A few statistics from the WPX CW log checking.

        3,869 logs total
2,243,673 qso total
   16,079 different calls
      173 different countries
   17,177 ( 0.8%) qso with unique calls
   12,687 (73.9%) unique calls busted
   18,920 ( 0.8%) dupes
      222 ( 0.0%) Cabrillo format errors
1,889,251 (84.2%) qso checked against another log
1,806,812 (95.6%) qso checked good against another log
   24,589 ( 1.3%) busted calls
    2,436 ( 0.1%) busted reverse log calls
   50,497 ( 2.7%) busted exchange
    9,789 ( 0.5%) not in log

Interesting to note that 73.9% of the unique calls were determined to be copying errors. Easy to make mistakes on CW when a single dot lost in the QRN can bust a call! Even so, amazing that 95.6% of all QSOs cross checked were found to be without errors.  Contesters are great operators.

Final results for CQ WPX CW 2011 will appear in the March 2012 issue of CQ Magazine.