2010 WPX CW Results now on Web Site

The full results of the 2010 CQ WPX CW Contest are now available on the www.cqwpx.com web site. Go to the Results tab to view pdf files of the writeup and scores from CQ Magazine. Also available is an Excel file with full breakdown of all club scores.

The online database and all time records pages have been updated with the 2010 scores. Now is the time to start looking over the records for your area and setting a goal for the 2011 CW contest on May 28-29.

All submitted logs (except CHECKLOGS) have been made available on the site.  Individual links to log checking reports were sent by email to all entrants back in late February. We hope you take advantage of the reports, public logs, and score database to analyse how you did and how you could do better next time.

Thanks to everyone who braved the poor conditions and submitted a log. Conditions are improving and we have high hopes for more activity, more prefixes, and bigger scores this year. See you there! 

WPX SSB 2010 Results now Online

The results of the 2010 CQ WPX SSB Contest are now available on the CQ WPX Web site. Visitors can read the results article from CQ Magazine and search through the online score database. Check out the score records, which have also been updated.

Results http://www.cqwpx.com/results.htm

Online score database (with online certificates) http://www.cqwpx.com/score_db.htm

It was another record year for WPX SSB entries with almost 700 more logs than 2009.  All logs can be viewed at http://www.cqwpx.com/publiclogs/2010ph/

Log checking reports have been sent by email to everyone who submitted a log.  If you did not receive yours, please contact k5zd@cqwpx.com.

Paper certificates have been mailed to all category winners.  Plaques will be going out in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and submitted a log. Can’t wait to see what better conditions will bring for both activity and log submissions this year. The WPX SSB Contest will be filling the HF bands with activity March 26-27, 2011. 

2010 WPX SSB Results Corrections

I am sorry to report the following error(s) made in the 2010 WPX SSB Contest results.

1. The winner of the plaque for Multi-Multi Europe should be DR1A.

EUROPE: Rick Dougherty, NQ4I Trophy. Won by: DR1A operated by DB6JG, DF3KV, DF6JC, DJ6ET, DJ7EG, DJ7EO, DK1II, DK2CX, DK6WL, DK6XZ, DL1MGB, DL3DXX, DL6FBL, DL8DYL, DL8WPX, JK3GAD, SV2KBS

2. A new plaque sponsored by KG1E was left out of the results.

WORLD Tribander/Single-Element Low Power: Alex M Jozsa, KG1E Trophy. Won by: John Barcroft, NX6T

Further corrections will be posted to the 2010 SSB corrections page.