The CQ Triathalon Award was created in 2012 to recognize the best combined scores from the CQ WPX RTTY, SSB, and CW contests. The award was conceived by Rudy Bakalov, N2WQ. Rudy sponsor a plaque for this triple-mode challenge.

Award rules:

  1. The CQ Triathlon Award is open to everyone who operates in any Single-Op category in all three CQ WPX contests: RTTY, SSB and CW.
  2. Contenders must make a minimum of 500 QSOs in each mode.
  3. Any Single-Op category may be used in each mode: Single-Op All Band or Single Band, Single-Op Assisted, and any power category. These can be different for each mode.
  4. The Single-Op can operate from any location and the location for each mode may be different.
  5. Score will be based on the total score from all three contests.
  6. Results will be included with the CQ WPX CW results.

The top scorers for the 2012 WPX Triathlon were:

LU1FAM 24,881,565
UN7LZ 17,295,459
KU1CW 16,974,344
JH4UYB 16,916,729
VE7CC 16,616,740
LY9Y 16,494,618
UR0MC 16,072,448
AA3B 13,770,858
K6XX 12,260,955
YU1EA 11,595,704
UR3QCW 11,206,638
WL7E 10,913,852
UR7GO 10,334,293
9A3NM 9,631,851

Congratulations to Luc, LU1FAM, on his victory!

This award will be available for the 2013 contests. WPX RTTY is this weekend! Get on and get started.