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May 14

I have to start by thanking K6AW and N8BJQ for their hard work over the past several years (for BJQ it has been 20 years!!).  These guys are very underappreciated for all they have done.

My first week on the job has been a busy one! Have talked to all of the team members that provide their time and special talents in helping to make the contest results happen (see the contact page for a list of the WPX committee members).  K1EA has provided version after version of new log checking software — each adding some new function I requested.  K1DG is taking over the plaque program, so it is a relief to know it will be in good hands.

As I was sorting out the logs, I had reason to send a request to WX5S.  We got into a discussion and he offered to write some scripts to help dig soapbox data out of the logs.  This is the kind of help that I really appreciate.  If you want to help, let me know what you like to do and I will find a task for you.  The more we distribute the work, the easier for everyone.

My vision for the WPX Contest is to continue (and expand) its position as one of the premier international contests of the year.  Part of that effort is to build a log checking process that is repeatable and automated to the point that we can eliminate as many errors as possible.  Of course, accuracy depends on the quality of the header data in the Cabrillo files!  We can’t read your mind.  Pay extra attention to get the category and other information correct.  You can dance with the robot as many times as necessary to get it perfect.  Check the received logs page to make sure we have your log and it has the correct callsign and entry.

I have already received a lot of nice emails from people wishing me luck with the contest (and asking for help with various issues…).  You, the contest community, are our customers and we will work hard to run a good contest, insure the winners are truly the winners, and get the results and awards out as fast and accurately as possible.

I am currently on my way to the Dayton Hamvention.  Will be great to see everyone and hear their suggestions and feedback about the contest. 


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