In early December I posted a message on cq-contest asking if anyone was interested in sponsoring a plaque for the CQ WPX CW contest.  We had a number of outstanding efforts from the 2008 contest that were not going to receive the recognition they deserved.

Plaque manager K1DG and I were extremely gratified to receive such incredible response from the contest community.  The result is 17 new plaques for the 2008 and 2009 WPX CW Contests!

New WPX plaque sponsors include:
USA Low Power: Ken Boasi, N2ZN
USA Zone 3 High Power: Northern California Contest Club
AFRICA: Chris Terkla, N1XS
NORTH AMERICA: Louisiana Contest Club
WORLD 21 MHz: Andrei Stchislenok, NP3D
WORLD 7 MHz: 6Y1V Contest Station
WORLD 1.8 MHz: Dusko Dumanovic, ZL3WW
USA 7 MHz: Darin Divinia, WG5J
USA 3.5 MHz: Wes Printz, W3SE
WORLD QRP/p: Chris Kantarjiev, K6DBG
USA QRP/p: John T. Laney, K4BAI
WORLD Rookie: Tim Duffy, K3LR
NORTH AMERICA Rookie: CQ WPX Committee
EUROPE Multi-Single: Andy Russe, YO3JR/YR1A
NORTH AMERICA Multi-Single: Jim George, N3BB
EUROPE Multi-Two: Tom Georgens, W2SC
EUROPE Multi-Multi: David Robbins, K1TTT
USA Combined Score (CW+SSB): Bill Fisher, W4AN Memorial (sponsor KM3T)

My sincerest thanks to all of them for their supporting their fellow contesters and the CQ WPX Contest!

We now have more plaques for the WPX CW contest than we do for SSB.  See a complete list of WPX awards at  If you see something missing that you would be interested in sponsoring, please contact the plaque manager Doug, K1DG, at

Best wishes to all for the new year.  Wishing you more sunspots and bigger scores in 2009.