I am pleased to announce a new tool to help everyone format their logs correctly for the WPX Contest.


The Cabrillo Log Check page will check the format of your Cabrillo log file for any mode of the CQ WPX Contest. Use this to check your log before submitting it to the robot.

1. Select the contest mode from the list.
2. Browse to the log file on your computer.
3. Press process to upload the file and start the check.
4. Fix any errors in your log file and repeat. You may go through the process as many times as needed.

Once your log is error free, please email it to the robot address shown.

The new page supports CQ WPX RTTY, SSB, and CW. Logs can be in Cabrillo v2 or v3 format.

I invite as many people as possible to try a test log in the next few days. Looking for any suggestions or problem reports so that we can fix them before the WPX RTTY contest this weekend.

I want to specially thank Tzetzo, LZ2FQ, for his work on the programming that makes this page possible.