I am very pleased to report that we exceeded our goal of log submissions for the SSB edition of the CQ WPX Contest this year.  The current total is 4084 (well above the 3728 from last year)!  Thanks to each of you for getting on the air during the contest AND for submitting your log.

I really appreciate the help from enthusiastic Yankee Clipper Contest Club volunteers who took on the job of typing in the 70+ paper logs that were received.  Three cheers to WA1Z, W1UE, N1NK, N8RA, W1TO, W1KM, W1ZT, WO1N, and W2JU for their hours of reading difficult handwriting and carefully converting them into  Cabrillo format log files.

Deadline for the CW contest logs is coming up July 1.  The robot has already received and processed over 2900 logs!  Please send your CW log, no matter how big or small, to cw@cqwpx.com.  The list of logs received can be found at http://www.cqwpx.com/logs_received_cw.htm — please take a quick look and make sure your log is there.