As we started the log checking for the CQ WPX Phone contest, WX5S and I were suprised to discover over 900 different club names listed in the Cabrillo files! Many of them were abbreviations so we were having to do extra research to figure out what the club name really should be. Others were for national organizations such as DARC or ARI that are not eligible for the club competition.

Our goal is to prevent errors by automating the score collection and reporting process. To do this, we need your help in providing accurate log files so we can minimize the amount of manual processing that is required. There is a saying in the computer business, “Garbage In = Garbage Out.”

I have created a web page with a list of known club names. If you are a member of one of these clubs, please take a moment to spell out your full club name in the Cabrillo file. Feel free to cut and paste the exact name from the web page.

Don’t worry about resubmitting a log if you have already sent one. We are already well into the process of sorting it out for this year, but please keep this in mind for your CW log or for the future. Perhaps we will add club name checking to the robot some day.

At 7 days after the WPX CW contest, we have already received over 1850 logs. With a few paper logs still to process, the WPX Phone contest has 3525 logs. Please keep them coming. The more logs we have, the better the log checking. Received log numbers are a great indication to CQ Magazine how much we appreciate their sponsorship of the contest.

We accidentally left out the World High plaque for the Multi-Two category for the WPX CW contest. This is the UA1DZ Memorial sponsored by W3UA.