Time to get back to reporting the results of the on-line WPX participant survey held last August-September. Doug, KR2Q, volunteered to help do some data mining on the results. He discovered a suprising trend among the results.

Favorite Mode

When asked for their favorite contesting mode, the results are simple.

CW – 52%
SSB – 35%
RTTY – 13%

Favorite Mode vs Years of Experience

The survey also asked respondents to enter the number of years they had been active in contests. 

  Mode preference vs Years of Experience

I had always assumed there were Phone ops and CW ops and some who liked both.  I never expected such a correlation between years of experience and changing preference.  What does this say for the future of contesting?  For the future of SSB contesting?!

Global Survey

There were 5037 responses in the graph above. The chart below breaks them down by continent.Survey responses by continent

These results seem to echo what we see on the air and in the log submissions. Europe is the most active part of the world for WPX contesting.