We are announcing several new changes to the CQ WPX web site due the category changes and to present historical data in new ways.

With the rule changes this year, there is now only one single operator category. Scores from 2020 and before will continue to show the designation of Single Operator (SO) or Single Operator Assisted (SA).  For 2021 and beyond, all single operator scores will be listed as “Single Operator” (SO).

The records page (https://cqwpx.com/records.htm) now shows the records for the combined categories. We have created a new Legacy Records page (https://cqwpx.com/legacyrecords.htm) to retain the single operator (SO) records that have been achieved to date.

Who will set records in the new Multi-Op Distributed category this year?

There is also a new Winners by Year page (https://cqwpx.com/winners.htm) where you can see the winning callsign and score for each year for any selected category and region. It is a fun way to see how conditions change over the solar cycle while contest scores and activity continue to increase.