I received a final WPX CW log by mail from CQ Magazine the other day and it reminded me that I had never issued a report on the CW log submissions.  The final total is 3,657 logs received. This is just 10 above the record 3,647 from last year.  Not bad considering how poor the conditions were for the WPX CW weekend.  Thanks to everyone who sent in their log.

I would like to recognize and thank the group of volunteers who offered their time to type in all of the paper logs that were received. There were only 40 paper logs submitted this year. We received help from AL1G, DL8MBS, ES5JR, G0SYP, K0HB, K1PX, K2DSL, K8PO, N1XS, N5IE, N8RA, NJ1F, UA4FER, W2JU, W7ZR, and W8AEF. It sure helps being able to share the work among so many people. Typing quality was excellent too!  Most prolific typists were N5IE (1572 QSOs), K1PX (1307), and G0SYP (567).

The preferred tool for typing in paper logs was LM by DL8WAA (http://contestsoftware.com/e/home.htm). It really is so good that there is no reason for anyone not to be able to submit an electronic log.  I typed in the 530 QSOs of the straggler log in about 90 minutes.

We have had to write to some people and ask them to confirm if their category should be single-op or assisted. If you used any outside help to find QSOs during the contest, even just one or two, you really should claim to be in the assisted category.