I am pleased to report that just 30 days after the contest we have already passed the log submission record from WPX SSB 2008 with 3800 logs received.  We are still waiting for the paper logs to be forwarded from CQ Magazine headquarters. Thanks to all of you for participating in the contest!

We will continue to accept logs sent to ssb@cqwpx.com.  The more logs we have, the better the log checking. 

I understand that not everyone is familiar with how to make the Cabrillo log format that we use for processing the logs.  If you have your log in ADIF or some other electronic format, contact me at k5zd@cqwpx.com and we will figure out a way to convert your log and get it submitted.

If you submitted a log and did not receive an acknowledgement from the robot, then your log may not have been received.  All logs in our system are listed on the logs received page at http://www.cqwpx.com/logs_received_ssb.htm

Time to start planning for WPX CW.  Due to a calendar quirk, the WPX CW will not be on the same weekend as the Memorial Day holiday in the USA.  Hope that enables more people to participate in the contest.