The CQ WPX SSB Contest starts in less than 36 hours.

  • What single band or multi-band record will CN2R set this year?
  • Will 8P1A repeat as single operator all band champion for the fourth year in a row?
  • What new world and continental records will be set?
  • Who will have the most accurate log?
  • Who will break the 1000 prefix mark?
  • Will Earth Hour ( impact the contest activity?
  • Will you be one of the more than 1000 certificate winners?

If you have any time to play radio this weekend, please get on and make some contacts in the contest. With prefixes as multipliers, almost anyone can enjoy the fun of being hunted, or find lots of mults to build your own score.

When the contest is over, please submit your log to Our goal is to receive more than 4000 logs this year (see

Want something fun to help keep motivated? Compete against history!
Go to and then enter your level and category of competition. For example, Germany – Single Operator Low Power. This will list all of the scores from the past 15 years for that category. Display the last pages. As you operate the contest, make the next score on the list your goal. Pass as many of your historical competitors as you can.

Full WPX rules at (Contest is 48 hours starting at 0000z on March 28. Exchange is signal report and QSO number.)

Rules FAQ at

Let’s all hope the sun gives us some fun conditions!