I often received questions about why the logs received page does not include any scores. It’s simple. Many logs do not fill in the claimed score field or it is incorrectly calculated. There’s a saying in the computer business – Garbage In, Garbage Out.

We wanted to find a method that would give everyone a consistent view of the submitted scores after the log submission deadline and BEFORE the log checking begins. The WPX log checking software calculates a raw score for every entry. By using this raw score for the claimed score listing we can be sure that every log is calculated correctly.

The claimed scores for the WPX SSB Contest 2010 are now online at 

The scores represent 4,499 electronic logs that have been received (not including checklogs). Paper logs will be added later in the summer. Scores can be sorted by continent and category. A search function is included so you can quickly locate a particular score.

Special thanks to Valery Petrov, RW3GU, for his assistance in building the claimed score pages. I liked Valery’s work on presenting scores at http://pileup.ru/cqww/ and he was very gracious in sending me his php code and some explanation.

I hope you enjoy this first look at the 2010 SSB Contest scores.  Remember that score reductions of 2 to 20% are possible during the checking so the final order of finish may change. Accuracy is part of the game!

Since this is a new feature of the site, please let me know if you find any errors or have suggestions on how to improve the user experience. Send comments to k5zd@cqwpx.com.