The online score database now includes the complete results from 30 years of the WPX CW Contest (1979 – 2009). Thanks to SP5UAF, LB1G (did 2 years!), K1ZR, N5IE, and W4AU for their work to type in the results.

You can follow your personal history in the WPX contest by going to and typing your call into the search box.  I invite everyone to do this and check that we typed in your scores correctly. If you find any errors please send them to

Having the complete results makes the records pages completely up to date for every DXCC and category.  View records at

It is interesting to see how the contest has evolved over time at

The WPX CW contest is coming up in just 10 days. Have fun in the contest and please submit your log to be a part of the WPX Contest history.