We would like to believe that all contesters are very conscientious in preparing their log submissions.  They would carefully review the header fields of their Cabrillo log and make sure everything is exactly as it should be.  Many do, but some do not.

This leaves the log checker with a dilemma.  Do we correct the possible mistakes in the header fields? Or do we allow the errors to flow into the results and then hear the complaints from the participants?  We could always point back to the log submission and show the category mistake was theirs, but this may impact the results in a category and it doesn’t create perfect results in the magazine.

In the 2009 WPX SSB contest, there were 56 stations that submitted their log in the ALL band category, yet all of their QSOs were made on a single band.  There is nothing in the rules that prevent this.  But, we have to wonder if submitting as ALL was a mistake or by intent…

We have decided that for any single operator log where all QSOs are made on a single band, we will change the category of that log to single band.  E.g., if all QSOs are made on 40 meters, we will change the log to CATEGORY-BAND: 40M. 

The logic is this.  The log meets all the requirements for being entered as single band. There is no reason that this fact should not be acknowledged in the results. Entering in the single band category often gives the score a higher place in the results (or a certificate) than when competing with the all band scores.

The logs received page will be updated as we make these changes.

If you really really want your single band log to be entered in the ALL band category, make a note in the SOAPBOX comments, or send an email to director@cqwpx.com.

Note: If you make QSOs on multiple bands you can still enter for a single band.  Include ALL of your QSOs in the log and then make sure the CATEGORY-BAND field is set to the single band you want to enter. We will only count the QSOs on the selected band for your score.