The complete listing of high claimed scores for the CQ WPX Contest CW 2009 are now available at

Scores shown are those claimed by the participants.  Not all scores are calculated correctly. For logs where an entrant did not provide a claimed score we have substituted their calculated score before checking. Paper logs received by post are not included.

The purpose of the high claimed scores is to give entrants an opportunity to confirm that their entry has been submitted in the correct category and to get a first look at the competition.  Please send any corrections or questions to

A team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers are helping to type all paper logs into the computer so they can be included in the computer log checking. Thanks go to WA1Z, W1UE, W2JU, K2DSL, W1KQ, W1ZT, KM1P, NJ1F, W1TO, W4AU, W1KM, N8RA, and N1NK. Couldn’t do it without them!

By the time all of the paper logs are entered, the WPX CW will have achieved a record number of log submissions with over 3600 logs!  Checklogs are still welcome to